Mohan Krishna Talla

Pairing a strong foundation in User Experience Design and Computer Science, I bring proven expertise in Agile environments and innovative SaaS product design. I'm passionate about leveraging my skills to contribute to meaningful design solutions.

Final Project

Exploring Social Presence in VR Sneaker Store

Examining avatars and dialogue impact in a VR sneaker store on social presence and purchase intent. User-centered approach, prototype development, and insights for immersive VR experiences.

Project focus

What will be the impact of avatar characteristics—specifically Anthropomorphism and Dialogue—on two crucial aspects:
1. The level of perceived Social Presence and
2. Purchase Intention? 

Design Thinking

  • Conducted in-depth interviews to understand user needs related to social presence in a virtual sneaker store.
  • Developed prototypes integrating theories of Anthropomorphism, Social Presence, Purchase Intention and user insights to influence the perceived level of social presence and purchase intention.
  • Conducted a user study to evaluate prototype effects on perceived social presence and purchase intention in the VR sneaker store.

Semi-Structured Interviews


To understand user perceptions, desires, and pain-points in a VR sneaker shopping experience.

Questions are directed towards understanding

  • Spatial Experience & Interactions
  • Shopping Journey & Motivations
  • Social Connectivity & Insights
  • Immersive Qualities & Purchase Intentions

Thematic Analysis & Vision Statement


Vision: Prototype aims to provide an immersive and engaging shopping experience that authentically replicates the ambiance of a physical store while catering to users’ desires, preferences, and expectations. Through the combination of anthropomorphism and dialogue, the envisioned prototype aspires to cultivate a sense of social connection, ensuring a sense of perceived Social Presence.

Role Dynamics & Avatar Design


In my VR sneaker store project, I delineated roles such as Sneaker Enthusiast and Athlete. Through improv sessions, the Sneaker Enthusiast role resonated most. I designed two dialogues, one infused with sneaker jargon and another more generic. For avatars, I leaned towards human-like features, balancing between photorealistic and illustrative styles for an authentic shopkeeper feel.


I crafted a VR sneaker store prototype with Mozilla Spoke, using materials from Sketchfab and refined Nike images from Photoshop. The design emphasized anthropomorphism for relatable avatars, social presence for enhanced immersion, and VSA to drive purchase intentions.

VR Sneaker Store Prototype Demo

Following the prototype’s foundation, delve into the future of retail with my VR sneaker store video. Experience firsthand the innovative design and intuitive interactions that transform sneaker shopping in a virtual realm. It’s more than just a store; it’s the next step in user experience evolution.

User Study


A controlled user study with 24 participants was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the designed prototypes in terms of perceived social presence and purchase intention.

The sample size was calculated using the G*power tool.

Study Design & Controlled Randomization


The study itself was structured with a within-subject design, conducted indoors to ensure controlled settings. Block randomization was employed to minimize bias, resulting in various combinations across multiple prototypes.

Study Measures and Effects Analysis


The study evaluated Social Presence and Purchase Intention using scales including 7-point and 5-point Likert scales. Descriptive statistics provided insights into mean scores and standard deviations for these measures.

Analyzing Within-Subject Effects, the study found no statistically significant impacts of the examined factors on Social Presence. Similarly, no significant influences on Purchase Intention were observed from the factors investigated.

Key Findings

  • Avatar appearance and dialogue usage do not significantly affect Social Presence or Purchase Intention. Other factors play a substantial role.
  • Results challenge assumptions that avatar anthropomorphism and dialogue are primary drivers of emotional engagement and purchase intent.
  • Suggests that additional variables beyond appearance and dialogue should be considered.


  • Adds to UX research in VR retail. Personalized avatars and tailored dialogue are essential. Iterative prototyping and holistic user feedback enhance VR experiences.
  • Emphasizes the iterative nature of design and the value of involving users at various stages.
  • Highlights the importance of user-centric design in VR retail interactions.

Other Work

Trainline – Industry project, Loughborough University

During a 6-week industry project at Loughborough University, our team collaborated with Trainline to tackle a specific industry brief. Our objective was to provide an innovative solution tailored to meet the needs of the company.

Deccan Chronicle – Online Newsletter Redesign

The project aimed to revitalize Deccan Chronicle’s digital presence, blending its rich journalistic legacy with modern user-centric designs. The transformation focused on mobile-responsive, intuitive interfaces to address declining readership, while preserving the brand’s traditional values and catering to the preferences of both new and existing readers.

Scale Dino – Email Signature – SaaS product offers a suite of tools, including an Email Signature Tool, designed to centralize and streamline email signature management for businesses and marketing agencies. This tool ensures consistent, professional branding across all emails by allowing a designated individual to control and update all employees’ email signatures, eliminating the need for manual modifications by employees.


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