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As a UX Designer I believe in navigating complexity and simplifying user journeys through user-centric solutions.

Final Project

Simplification of Furniture Assembly with AR

Augmented Reality can project digital information or objects onto the real world. This project explored whether AR can help simplify the tedious and often challenging aspects of furniture assembly in home environments.

Design Thinking for Prototype Development

The Design Thinking methodology, consisting of five key phases – Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test, was employed as a strategic framework to tackle this issue. An iterative process of ideation, Prototyping and Testing was used to answer the research questions.

Testing the Prototype

In order to simulate the assembly process and explore the concept of the split attention effect and increased cognitive load, Lego blocks were selected as a practical choice due to their safety and suitability for testing this theory. The study involved a formative evaluation phase, during which adjustments were made, followed by a summative evaluation involving 27 participants who utilized both augmented reality (AR) instructions and traditional paper-based instructions.


The study found that Augmented Reality (AR) instructions were more effective than paper instructions in reducing physical effort and speeding up task completion. However, no significant changes were observed in other cognitive load factors. Users also found AR instructions to be more user-friendly. This suggests that AR can improve certain aspects of user experience and efficiency but may not impact overall cognitive load significantly. Future studies should consider user preferences and explore different contexts and structures for AR instructions.

Prototype Version 1

A video concept illustrating how the Augmented Reality interface would appear in a straightforward LEGO assembly task was created. The interface’s design was generated using Figma and After Effects. This concept video played a pivotal role in collecting user feedback during the intermediate stages of the project.

Prototype Version 2

The video provides a glimpse of the second version of the prototype, showcasing improvements such as enhanced animation, audio feedback, and a streamlined and organized arrangement of functions. This was used during the summative testing, where the users were asked to build a Lego structure.

Other Work

OneEarth: For a better future

OneEarth is a concept for a mobile application that attempts to give users control, tranquillity, and assurance of security for the future of their children. It also has components that assist the new parents in feeling more responsible for leaving a healthy earth for their child at this time, when uncertainty is all around them.

Wealthwise: Your Financial Health Coach

Utilizing the capabilities of ChatGPT, WealthWise strives to empower users in attaining financial well-being through the provision of highly personalized features. This project was conducted in collaboration with the fintech company ‘Capco.’

VRQuitters: Take Control

VRQuitters is a Virtual Reality onboarding experience into a program that encourages young adult smokers to quit by motivating them while overcoming their health concerns and providing them with supportive resources.


Prior to embarking on my journey in UX by pursuing a Masters in User Experience Design, I was employed with a multinational company in India, specializing in performance testing. During this phase, I accumulated valuable industry experience spanning three years. My academic background includes a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. My unique strengths encompass a solid foundation in technology through my industry experience, coupled with the newfound skills to design user-centric solutions.

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