Final Project

A medical product designed to ease injection pain and needle procedure experience enhancement for children 3-9 Years of Age

A set of medical products including a relief module, distraction pad and stickers designed to help children and adolescents, aged 3-9¬†years, to cope with needle procedures by providing pain education, pain relief and positive feedback. It aims to reduce children’s and adolescents’ fears of needle procedures, making the whole procedure less stressful for children and improve the efficiency of the medical process.

The Logo of the product

This logo is crafted from a blend of three distinct shapes, seamlessly transitioning from a triangle with subtly rounded edges to a full circle. This design ingeniously unveils the product’s core philosophy: through the integrated use of this suite, children are transitioned from the past’s cold and unpleasant injection experiences to a more comfortable and delightful needle procedure.

The Choice of the Colors

The blue in the logo symbolizes the calm and professionalism of medical care, while the vibrant orange circle resonates with the innocence and joy of childhood. This design masterfully melds children’s medical experiences with the joys of youth, demonstrating harmony and unity.

Product using process

Other Work


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