George Owen

An MSc Integrated Industrial Design graduate from Loughborough University with two years professional experience. My design abilities come from a passion for problem solving and teamwork. I am dedicated and hard working and will always go the extra mile.

Final Project


Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disease that affects 2 in 100 people in the UK. The condition causes patches of itchy, red and flaky skin. Without appropriate self-care and a healthy treatment plan, psoriasis can dramatically affect people’s lives due to its chronic and incurable nature.

Aura is a family of devices designed to enable convenient and lightweight treatments for individuals suffering from psoriasis. The treatment devices contained within the psoriasis pack would enable treatment on the go, ensuring people gain freedom to be socially active and travel without needing to carry excessive amounts of equipment and consumables.

Treatment devices

The phototherapy device uses 310nm narrowband UVB LEDs which are used on the phototherapy device to provide treatment. A liquid gel cooled aluminium pad provides a cooling effect to reduce inflammation. Small bumps on the aluminium offer a safe itching method that does not damage the user’s skin.

The bottled devices contain treatments that can be used to reduce skin itchiness and flakiness. The smallest bottle contains a strong steroid. The medium bottle contains a mild steroid. The large bottle contains emollient/moisturiser.

Mobile app

An app service is provided alongside the treatment devices. The app will enable treatment tracking as well as communication with friends and experts. Weight sensors inside the case provide treatment tracking via the app to keep the user informed.


Weight sensors in the case are used to send information to the app for tracking treatment use. Information is sent to the app via Bluetooth. A USB-C charge point is used to charge the case via mains power. Male and female pogo pins are used to charge the phototherapy device when it is stored inside the case. Two 400mA DC-5V batteries are used to power the case and charge the phototherapy device when it is docked.

Aura video

A video explaining the problem with existing psoriasis treatments and how aura solves these problems. A semi functional prototype was used to demonstrate interactions with each of the treatment devices.

Other Work

A project involving a critical analysis and literature review of an existing product. Analysis of the Google Nest Hub revealed that older adults may struggle to use the Hub due to their needs not being met. A concept was designed to help remedy these issues with a more inclusive Google Nest Hub and a new Smart Wearable Device.

Touchpad with shortcut keys added, to work alongside the existing touchscreen and provide a more familiar means of interaction for elderly users. Central shortcut buttons have been added to quickly navigate to key parts of the Hub without having to use the touchscreen. The buttons are high contrast, soft touch and oversized for increased visibility and ease of use.

Smart wearable device to be worn around the users neck. The wearable provides a direct link to the Hub from anywhere around the house via a Bluetooth connection. The wearable can vibrates and emit light to provide information. For example, an incoming call would light up as green on both the Hub and smart wearable.

Organic form modelling and redesign project aiming to exploit advanced 3D techniques. The aim of this assignment was to generate a high-quality assembly of a futuristic handheld controller device using surface modelling techniques.

Rhino and Solidworks surfacing tools were used to generate the complex shapes of the controller concept. The finished CAD model was imported into Keyshot software for generating high resolution renderings of the final form.

Finally a visual prototype of the design was created to enable ergonomics and anthropometric testing. The prototype was made using CNC, 3D printing and hand finishing processes.


  • Student Starpack award shortlist
  • ASDAN Level 3 Universities award


For part of my university placement year, I worked as a junior design engineer with Gtech. I then continued to work with Gtech as a design engineer after graduating with my bachelors from Loughborough University. Whilst working at the company I contributed to live design and engineering projects and gained exposure to industry activities.

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