Chen Huang

During my undergraduate studies, I majored in Visual Communication Design. Subsequently, in my postgraduate career, I specialised in Graphics and Visualisation. My future career is looking to pursue a design or planning position in the design field.

Final Project

The Call of the Digital Era

The goal of this project is to uncover the digital divide that has emerged over the past few decades and to address the marginalization of the elderly who are unable to benefit from the digital society. The centrepiece of the entire installation is the birdcage, which encapsulates the emotional and social constraints that the elderly experience in the digital society, juxtaposed with the electronic cloud symbolizing digitization.

The interactive component of the installation involves QR codes featuring self-narratives from the elderly, providing an opportunity for the younger generation to connect with them. These interactive QR codes will be suspended from the “digital cloud,” representing the worries and wishes of the elderly. This offers a unique opportunity for young people to bridge the generation gap and gain deeper insights into the perspectives and emotions of the elderly.

Digital Cloud

As part of an art installation exhibition, the digital cloud, resembling an unstable electronic storm, hovers at the top of the birdcage. This depiction encapsulates a microcosm of the digital society, echoing the birdcage suspended below. Additionally, the cloud emitting diffused red light contributes to the ambience and decoration of the exhibition space, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

Symbol of elderly’s daily lives

Using furniture and everyday objects, this approach aims to embody the daily lives of the elderly, intending to visualize their life circumstances while also showcasing their state of digital isolation. Compared to the younger generation, the elderly engage less with electronic devices. Due to a lack of relevant knowledge and skills, they often lead more traditional lives. I emphasize the ordinary yet precious aspects of their daily routines and the contrast between their traditional habits and the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Integrating familiar furniture and items within the enclosure vividly portrays the elderly’s day-to-day life, establishing an inclusive connection with the audience.

<Rendering of the installation>

This rendering contributes to the construction and lighting setup of the installation. Prior to crafting the installation, the rendering provides a preview of material details and lighting rendering. Through the rendering, object intricacies will be presented with greater clarity.

<Process of interaction>

The video primarily showcases the overall presentation of the installation, encompassing lighting, interior details, and interactive elements. The interactive aspect demonstrated in the video involves viewers scanning the suspended QR codes to access textual information for reading.

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