I am someone who, for reasons I can't quite explain, has acquired a multitude of diverse skills.

Final Project


Mythical Women in Fashion Magazines: Visual Expressions Showcasing Women’s Diversity

This project elevates mythological female figures to the realm of fashion magazines, creating a visual collision between antiquity and modernity, while showcasing diverse representations of women. The magazine introduces four mythological women from different cultures: China’s Meng Po and Jingwei, Egypt’s Bastet, and the Norse Hel. This innovative approach serves as a platform to exhibit the multifaceted nature of women.

Meng Po

Meng Po’s core message is that beauty for women has no age limits. Beauty is not just for the young; it can also be possessed by the elderly. The wrinkles at the corner of the eyes, accumulated through life’s experiences, tell stories that embody a charm that cannot be achieved by younger women. The prerequisite, however, is to feel confident in oneself and to accept and embrace one’s age.

Jing Wei

Jing Wei’s message revolves around the idea that women should have the freedom to choose. They should have the freedom to choose their clothes and pursue their interests. Dressing in a childish or immature way is a valid choice for young women, and you don’t have to be conventionally attractive or sophisticated. A woman with average looks and body doesn’t necessarily have to transform herself to conform to societal standards of beauty; she can choose clothes she loves without worrying about whether they are appropriate for her body.


Bastet’s portrayal emphasises that women can be diverse. However, society often holds stereotypes, such as the belief that girls like to play with dolls while boys enjoy mechanical toys, or that boys are generally more aggressive than girls. But is this really the case? Research suggests that females have a similar potential for aggression to males. Every individual should be free to develop in the direction they choose, without being constrained by gender stereotypes or societal expectations.


Hel’s message underlines the tendency to idealise women as inherently good and kind. Motherhood in particular is often seen as a great sacrifice, with women willing to give up everything, including their lives, for their children. But women can be less than perfect. They can be flawed, and selfish and even choose not to have children because of the risks involved without being judged. It is normal for a person to have both positive and negative aspects; to have only one would make them godlike. Women should not be treated as goddesses.

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The blind boxes are created through 3D software for modelling and rendering. They are crafted from eco-friendly silicone material, ensuring a safe and sustainable choice.

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The blind boxes serve a dual purpose, functioning as both egg holders and ice cube trays. Their versatile usage scenarios can be understood through the accompanying images, illustrating their applicability in different contexts.

Other Work

Narrative for those who tried to help in the Tangshan beatings.

Narrative for the person who was beaten in the Tangshan beating incident.


Poster for the play, showing the lives of men and women in China’s lower class in the 1980s and 1990s.


Promotional postcard for the Mulitimodal Company.



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