Chhavi Priya Gaur

Chhavipriya completed her B.Des. degree in Fashion Design. She is currently on the MA graphic design programme. She is looking to work as a graphic designer for a design studio. She is skilled in illustration, UIUX, editorial design, branding, etc.

Final Project

Artist Archived

Artist Archived is a collection of works produced during a two month long autoethnography based art exploration. The purpose of the practice was to determine if a person’s process of ideation can be changed, amended, or evolved via autoethnographic approach.

The document consists of several journal entries that were maintained to record ideas, feedback, or feelings throughout the practice; along with poetry, self portraits, photography, storyboarding, sketching, etc.. The practice emphasises on giving voice to the personal monologue of the individual artist trying to find inspiration within oneself instead of outside. It focuses on the artist/researcher’s life experiences embracing the fact that it is but one of many other perspectives that exist in the world and that there is some degree of truth to be drawn from each. The documentation has a heavy focus on figuring out a methodological approach which can potentially be used for an art based autoethnographic practice by others as well.

What did it change?

The image on the extreme left was the first self portrait produced during the practice- simple, stylized, and concise. After two months of producing numerous works, the image on the right was produced out of the previous one. The new face quite literally emerges from under the old one, tearing it apart.

“All the inspiration I was looking for had been within me while I was busy searching for something interesting outside. I just had to dig a bit deeper.”

Autoethnographic practice provides acceptance to the messiness and chaos of experiences. It fosters empathy and self-exploration. And archiving is the process of preserving artifacts related one’s life to ground a sense of connection with past events. Right and wrong, truth and lie, is constructed. A grey area.

Celebrating the messiness of the string of thought

Since autoethnography relies of personal narratives, the line of thought is hardly clear or straightforward. It constantly branches off and relates back in the most unexpected ways. Reality does not have a clear start, middle, or end thus giving equal chance for exploring the big and the small ideas in the same weight.  It is the artistic thirst to be able to create freely and provide meaningful connections. Academic practices so far often curb the free flow of the stream of thoughts causing one to feel estranged from the work one once loved. Autoethnographic practice can help reopen a deep and candid conversation with the self, unclogging the sea of complex thoughts.

Train of thoughts

Poetry on meaningless pondering in the middle of the night on the kitchen floor accompanied by Lino print storyboarding narrative, as the part of the documentation.

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