Hoi Man (Ray) Tang

I discovered my passion for UX design when I started interning during my undergraduate studies in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. My interest lies in discovering users' needs via human-centred research methods and deliver a solution that meets business objectives.

Final Project

Digital Legacy and Interaction: Design for Remembrance

“TimeWalk” is a mobile app that allow users to store their digital time capsule at specific locations. By saving their favourite moments exactly where they happened, users can explore, establish, and express aspects of their identity and start building a meaningful digital legacy.

Exploring next-gen industries

Along the many lessons we learned from the pandemic, planning for the unexpected is one of the most impactful one for the DeathTech industry. People become more aware of the importance of digital legacy management as uncertainties rises.

The problem

Based on the research I conducted in this project, it shows that the current digital legacy management services in the market didn’t fully address the need of the users, for example user often lacks editorial control and authorship over their own legacy, hence this project focus on exploring the design opportunities between those gaps.

User-centric research

Target audience was involved from the initial user research phase, methods like card sorting, co-design, and interviews were employed to deeply understand user needs and preferences. As the project progressed, continuous user involvement was upheld through design workshops and user testing to make sure the solution resonates with our users’ expectations and aspirations.

Business-embedded design

To ensure a product will survive and succeed in the long run, a strategic business model need to be in place to make sure the product can drive revenue to sustain its service. After researching I believe a B2C + B2B approach will fit this product.

Experience prototyping

Bodystorming was used to understand how users will use the product. From this activity, I discovered that in order to make the time capsule meaningful to user, a necessary limitation involves allowing users to position a capsule solely in locations verified by GPS as places they have visited.

TimeWalk, a digital time capsule

Here is a video prototype to show how TimeWalk will be used by user in their everyday life.

Other Work

Trainline is a Europe’s leading train and bus app where you can book train tickets, cheap bus travel and more. In this client project, we designed a personalised train travel planning process that guides customers from inspiration to finalising their purchase.

BiteSafe is a dietary identification service that helps those with food allergy to have a safe and worry-free dining out experience.

This is a school project that is a mobile application which uses AI and smart meter data to track energy usage in the home, and translate this into actionable insights to help reduce usage in the future.

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My passion for discovering user needs leads me to expand my knowledge in UX with a focus in user research.

I had interned in different industries ranging from FinTech to HealthTech, and gained extensive hands-on marketing experience, contributing to projects including SEO audits, infographic design, social media management, and more across start-ups and MNC settings.

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