George Thompson

I am passionate about seeking innovative solutions that truly answer my users needs. My talent lies in big picture thinking and storytelling.

Final Project


Industries may experience significant transformations because of AI, leading to shifts in job availability and skill requirements. Becoming a long-term planner allows individuals to navigate to future, while proactively developing the necessary skills to remain competitive in the job market.

This project has allowed me to deepen my skills into UX and Service Design, from application of UX methods, to qualitative research and professionalism, this module has been beneficial by creating a well rounded UX professional.

Final development

A Gamified Career Development Planning Service for individuals at risk of AI automation.

FutureProof: a short film

It stars the main user ‘Terry’ as he moves through his career until he hears that his job may be lost and he might need to shift career completely. His livelihood is threatened by AI automation and he is unsure of what to do next.

Other Work

This was a module designed to encourage cohesive teamwork, while working on an industry brief that simulated a real-world project. We were tasked with finding our ideal team dynamic and then working towards the best possible outcome for the client.

The Brief: How can banks leverage AI, internally to create innovative products and services to improve customer experience, provide cost savings, and manage potential risks associated with this technology?

This is a group and individual project focused on helping a young affluent families with reducing domestic energy consumption and increasing the households engagement with climate action through the use of a mobile app.

The Students Nova Effect – a short film animation for digital storytelling (M.A. module)

This tells the story of ‘The Nova Effect’ and ‘The Chinese Farmer’ from a student’s perspective. The concept is as follows, you do not know if ‘that bad event’ which happened to you actually is bad, because it could potentially lead to good things happening directly or indirectly. A comforting concept that I find very uplifting.


  • High First Class in Experience Design Module (Masters UX course)
  • First Class in Digital Storytelling Module (Masters UX course)
  • First Class Architecture (Bachelors Degree)


UX Masters Industry Project with Capco: Mock-brief, to incorporate ‘ChatGPT’ into mobile banking. I took initiative to lead research and handle client communication. I had a large part of the final idea and in ensuring that our team remained on the right track.

Key relevancies: Team & Collaboration skills, Client Communication, Problem solving, Adaptability.

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