Final Project


FamJam is a family board game that aims to help family members build relationships and foster understanding. The board game will involve fun and engaging activities for all family members. It allows them to have fun and know each other more simultaneously.


The world’s population is ageing. It has been discovered that the extended family continues to be the top support network for elderly individuals. As a result, the increasing number of older individuals might also influence the number of families that contains multi-generations.

The research shows that the issue of loneliness among older persons has been worse than ever as the population continues to age. The generational gap between the elderly and younger generations has become an obstacle when they want to communicate. Even when family members want to talk with each other, they sometimes find it challenging to come up with a topic to chat about.



Static stickers is the main material of the stickers, which is normally used on the car window. It is a reusable sticker but is not sticky at all. You can use an oily pen to write on it and erase by alcohol.

Action Cards

Each action card will have an instruction to follow. According to the instructions, the cards will be divided into four different themes: Normal, Interactive, Peace, Mean.


Eight pawns are provided in the board game, including grandparents, parents, two sisters, and two brothers.

Other Work

A Day A Car

The special history of the car and the attractive stories, various appearances in the calendar, and different categories of classic cars are presented each month. All this information is shown on this calendar.

Broadway Cinemas CIS

Broadway, where the most famous musicals, operas, and dances have been performed since 20th century, brought a series of high-class audio-visual enjoyment to audiences.


DO MI SO hopes to provide healing for those things that wear us out at the end of each day! These gif effects bring still images to live and spark imaginations of movements by repeating itself, just as many actions repeat daily in our lives.

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