Jaime Delclaux Rodriguez-Rey

I’ve always found deep fulfilment in creating experiences that drive business forward by helping people.

About me

My background in international business management as well as my experience of over 7 years in the consulting industry have led me into the world of UX where I have worked towards redefining the employee experience in various organisation across multiple industries.

I have honed my skills in strategising user problems plaguing several organisations across different industries and geographies. I have achieved this through careful user research and user flow definition in order to translate pain points into clickable prototypes that help solve those issues through careful and thoughtful design.

Major Project

Major Project


A digital support tool app for school teachers that sets an action plan with professional help based on the profiles of each of the incoming refugee children to address the academic and emotional state of mind.

Skills Applied

  1. Interaction & experience design.
  2. Conceptual thinking & development.
  3. Storytelling communication & presentation.

Professional Development

  1. Transition from business & results oriented to user centred.
  2. Getting comfortable in adopting wider and earlier iteration cycles.
  3. Stakeholder management and engagement from interdisciplinary backgrounds.
Edaid Presentation Video

Other Projects


A mobile app for young professional families that uses gamification features to decrease domestic energy consumption and promote sustainable behaviour. “Help save energy in the home, and future-proofing the world for your kids.”

Digital storytelling

Using stories as a practice to make sense of the world. “Listen deeply. Tell stories”. How people from all different backgrounds make use of their personal voices to create meaningful change.

Professional Experience

Experienced business consultant who finds deep fulfilment in aiding businesses meet their goals by actively improving people’s lives through thoughtful design. I have extensive experience in improving the employee experience across various organizations through the implementation of cloud based software & other HR initiatives.

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