Yushu Dong

UX/UI designer with expertise in product design and user research covering visual design and brand positioning. Specialises in design research in the field of children's education and the development of multisensory series derived from museum experiences.

Final Project

Family Emotional System

An innovative nursery solution designed to assist parents of children aged 24-59 months in monitoring and nurturing their emotional and EQ development. This comprehensive system comprises a digital component, the Family App, seamlessly integrated with a physical product known as the Chatter BOX. The Chatter BOX, positioned in nursery public spaces, captures tiny emotional cues as children engage with their surroundings. This valuable data is seamlessly transmitted to the Family App, empowering parents to track and gain insights into their child’s emotional journey effortlessly.

Physical overview & feedback

Parents can access comprehensive records detailing children’s developmental milestones, precise accounts of their physical well-being, instructors’ daily feedback, and a thorough chronicle of each child’s nursery journey.

Community and support networks

We have also established a Community and Support Network, fostering a collaborative environment where parents can share their experiences and extend valuable emotional support to others who are facing similar challenges.

Emotional function overview

Our primary focus revolves around the Emotional Insights page. Within this segment, key functionalities encompass Children’s Motion Capture & Tracking, Intelligent Voice Recording & Transcription of children’s expressions, Comprehensive Emotional Overview coupled with Teacher Feedback, and the creation of personalized training plans. These plans are meticulously crafted based on detailed analysis, aimed at nurturing EQ skill development for parents.

Chatter Box

Chatter Box is a children’s personal expression space, which encourages children to go to the square space and share any unhappy or happy situations.

Other Work

Culinary Artistry Inspired by Museums:

The Museum Food Colour Souvenir amalgamates the monochromatic glaze hues reminiscent of the Forbidden City Museum with a vibrant palette of culinary delights. This synergy engages users’ five senses. Guided by a hands-on DIY ethos, patrons are invited to indulge in the captivating visual and gustatory dimensions of these meticulously curated collections, conjuring the very essence of the museum encounter.

Design of educational color toys for preschool children:

CC-COLOR is an attempt to explore different ways of painting for children, new three-dimensional color paints, and unconstrained painting space. We will use sodium alginate paintballs to unleash children’s instincts and break away from the traditional concept of flat and static children’s color education. We are dedicated to creating a new, three-dimensional, and dynamic color teaching model for kids.

An Emotional Smart Home Platform for Empty Nest Young People:

This is a smart app that uses interaction design thinking to solve problems such as the loneliness of teenagers living alone. Four emotional models have been added to the app, hoping that smart home life can accompany young “empty nesters”.


Hangzhou Jumping Technology – UI designer (May 2021-Jul 2021)

Hangzhou Poetry and Peaches Art Design -Product Designer (Jul 2020-Sep 2020)

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