Jingyan Liu

Jingyan Liu, an industrial designer, believes in human-centered design. She thrives on solving challenges creatively. Open-minded and self-motivated, she embraces new ideas and is driven to make a positive impact through design.

Final Project



AJL is designed to address the issue of jet lag in international competitions for athletes by providing light therapy-favored timed exposure, avoidance of bright light, and smart sleep scheduling. It utilizes variable light sources and variable lens materials, is lightweight, portable and comfortable to wear.

It is intended to be used in conjunction with a home light hub with a special interface, a smart bracelet and a mobile app, resulting in efficient and integrated assistance. AJL is positioned as a high-end solution for athletes who need to maintain their performance in international competitions despite changing time zones.

Product Details

Product Functions


AJL-App Design

Physical Prototype Creation

Functional Prototype & Testing

Other Work

EcoHome-Holistic Home Clean System

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CIRC – Multifunctional Fan

Anchor-Mobility Aid


  • Industrial Design Society Industrial Design Technology Achievement Award
  • “ROIDMI” Future Electrical Cleaning Product Innovation Competition

Project Experience

  • Cainiao Smart Logistics Network Co., Ltd. – Product System Innovation & Service Design
  • Whirlpool Washing Machine Design Project – Product Design
  • Qu Mei Home Furnishings Group Co., Ltd – Furniture Design

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