Xiaofeng Liang

I hope to use the power of design to change people's lives so that people can see new hope in their lives. Hoping to collaborate with like-minded people to create products that are a perfect blend of aesthetics and engineering.

Final Project

FETA:Camping trolley kits for beginner

FETA camping kit integrates design into a camping service system, offering convenient outdoor adventure experiences. By combining a rental model with camping equipment delivery, FETA reduces entry costs, attracts young users and minimizes operational expenses.

Product Service Brief

The service provider builds the service on the campsite (mountain or highland). After the user receives the scheduled camping products at the center service, he can hold the camping suit to carry out camping activities and explore the surrounding scenery and geographical environment. Compared with traditional centralized campsites, this form of activity is more flexible, free and interesting and more attractive to young people.

Product description

A four-wheeled camping vehicle with a high-strength carbon fibre frame, featuring a versatile chassis, charging module, illumination area and folding table.

Lightweight and compact design

There are 8 high-strength metal tubes that make up the bracket that the camping package can be fixed into. It has two modes of use for outdoor transport needs.

Product Scenario

The designer refers to the transportation mode of the suitcase and users can learn to use it without complicated learning costs. The designer puts the charging module on the back of the product to meet the charging needs in camping scenarios. The user places this product in the camping area, and this product can become a storage table in the camping area. Two folding table boards are designed on the side. These designs are designed to integrate the camping experience as a mobile camping suit to meet the needs of the service system.

Charging function for the outdoor environment

There is a corresponding charging socket at the rear to meet the charging needs in the wild environment. 

Product Exploded View

The design focused on selecting high strength, durability and wear resistance parts which are subject to load and movement. To ensure efficient mobility, lightweight materials were chosen. The material is suitable for outdoor environments and can withstand harsh weather and UV exposure. For parts in contact with water or moisture, corrosion-resistant materials were chosen.

1:1 interactive handlebar

When designing an interactive handle model, I used Arduino to explore the basic model of controlling the wheel speed. I used a rotary encoder and a rotary potentiometer as the sensor for rotating the handle. 

Testing trolley travel modes

When transporting outdoors, stability is an important experience. Therefore it was necessary to improve the stability of the cart. The form of pulling improves stability, so you can try to combine the two forms. When transporting on long-distance flat roads, you can use the push method to save energy. When it is necessary to cross undulating roads (stone roads, cobbles, etc.) it can be transported by pulling. 

Other Work

Future handheld device for Space Exploration

AI technology in Textile-Aware for laundry process

Drinking device for MND patients


  •  Design Awards & Competition – Winner
  •  Asia Design Prize – Winner


I have a year of work experience at Eastreme Design Consultancy(CN), where I served as an industrial designer. During this time I participated in various projects including toy packaging design, outdoor refrigerator design, household appliance product design and lighting system product design for the film industry.

I contributed to the development of educational toys from the onset, engaging in research activities related to children’s interlocking toys. I also actively engaged in ideation and creative brainstorming. Throughout these processes, I took charge of creating Bill of Materials (BOM) for product mass production and conducting cost estimates. Within six months, I successfully participated in four diverse product design projects. I consistently delivered high-quality creative solutions within stipulated time frames, tailored to the specific design requirements of each project.

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