Lanruo Li

Loughborough University - MA. User Experience and Service Design
Beijing Normal University - MS. Applied Psychology
Focused on B2B professionalism, business thinking, and societal impact with 3 years experience in the design industry. Seeking to meld creativity and user-centricity for innovative solutions.

HiveMind – Unite your hive, thrive together!

At HiveMind, we believe in creating a workplace that’s not just virtual, but vibrant, connected, and inspiring. Imagine a place where your career growth knows no bounds, where knowledge is freely exchanged, and connections are effortlessly made. Together, we’ll break down barriers, shatter limitations, and unlock the full potential of remote work.

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Discover & Define
Design Opportunities

In this project, I concentrated on learning B2B professionalism to arrange complex information logically, improve my business mindset systematically, and make a positive impact on remote workers’ well-being.

Double-diamond model is used to define design opportunities and generate innovative ideas efficiently.

Secondary research

Through extensive secondary research, I delved into current challenges faced by remote workers. With an estimated 255 million future remote workers, issues of isolation and reduced productivity are salient, affecting economics, psychology, and society.

Primary research

Through primary research, I conducted online surveys and in-person interviews to uncover remote workers’ pain points. It’s evident that social support from colleagues and the company significantly influences performance.

Creative toolkit method revealed users’ pain points and needs in detail, as they felt more relaxed than in traditional interviews.

We found a connection between social support and team productivity. Building empathy and finding common ground enhances information flow, support, and performance.

Strong teamwork nurtures trust and willingness to connect, creating a positive cycle of engagement.

Meet Emma

Persona: Emma, a new remote worker who is independent and responsible, but struggles with communication and feels disconnected.

User journey: Initially excited, Emma soon faces onboarding challenges and uncertainty. She hesitates to ask questions but finds joy in networking and senior validation. However, she feels negativity when embracing new knowledge and facing application-related problems.

Let’s make it better…

Transform uncertainty and social anxiety into belonging and effective collaboration, enabling effective problem-solving in the short term and fostering professional growth and expanded networks in the long term.

UX Principles:
– Engaging: Foster active involvement.
– Supportive: Provide templates and recommendations.
– Efficient: Minimize user efforts.
– Personalized: Tailor growth paths to individual skills and interests.

Vision statement

With a focus on facilitating help-seeking at work, we looked back to our qualitative data and identified a range of needs and concerns on both sides.

Thus, our vision is to design a support system for remote workers who wish to establish a strong network and collaborate effectively to break down the information silo and experience an equal, supportive, collaborative and productive workplace.

Ideation & Iteration

We developed the concept by involving users and experts in multiple rounds. Co-ideation sessions were leveraged to collectively generate innovative concepts. Low-fidelity prototypes provided rapid assessment and initial feedback. Subsequently, middle-fidelity prototypes enabled more comprehensive testing and iterative enhancements, yielding a refined and user-centric concept.

We initiated the process with co-ideation using storyboarding and role-playing. The workshop notably encouraged creativity and user-centred concepts.

To refine the ideas, we employed impact-effort and how-now-wow matrices, ensuring systematic evaluation.

However, potential bias could arise from subjective scoring, and the number of ideas remained substantial. Thus, we utilized the MoSCow method to effectively prioritize and streamline the selection.

Next, a low-fidelity prototype was tested with target users for usability and idea assessment.

This input offered valuable insights, including both positive and negative aspects. However, insufficient details led to potential oversight of complex interactions.

For better prototype comprehension, an extensive, detailed introduction was needed before participants began testing.

As we progressed to a middle fidelity prototype, we integrated two theories for a stronger concept: Social Learning for problem-solving and Hope-Action for goal setting. Additionally, we eliminated non-contributory elements to enhance focus and efficiency.

Validation through 1-to-1 design critiques with experts confirmed the theory-driven key features, yet highlighted the challenges posed by complex integration. This led to a trade-off; we selectively applied relevant parts of the theory, simplifying steps for easier comprehension.

Design Outcome

Aligned with the COM-B model, I crafted three key features to foster user motivation, capability, and opportunity. This empowers users to forge meaningful ties, access resources, shape their knowledge framework, and engage with experts for professional growth.

Plan your success

Start by taking our comprehensive assessment. This helps us understand your strengths, preferences, and areas for growth. Step two, choose your growth areas. Select from a range of options tailored to your interests and career goals.

Our AI generates a personalized growth plan just for you, guiding you towards success.

Share your wisdom

Edit your content effortlessly using our intuitive templates. Craft your insights, tutorials, or articles with ease. Share your expertise with colleagues far and wide.

Then get likes, shares, and valuable feedback from your colleagues, creating a collaborative environment that thrives on shared wisdom.

Connect and thrive

Follow internal experts to stay in the loop. Their expertise becomes your advantage. Step two, ask questions using our ready-made templates.

Get answers from colleagues and experts, and build connections through the process. Network effortlessly with colleagues and experts across the organization, and unlock a world of opportunities beyond your screen.

How service works

Initiating with targeted social media campaigns, we’ll engage the initial user cohort. Their achievements will fuel momentum, drawing more users. Our team manages backstage operations, content creation, and support, focusing on professionals while offering premium options for freelancers and students.

Business model

Our enterprise-focused service offers annual plans for unlimited users or per-person payment. Premium content enriches the community, maintaining high quality. For individuals, an initial free plan attracts users, leveraging success stories for growth. Income drives continuous product development and enhancements.


Ethical Considerations
Confidentiality constraints led to reliance on self-reports, potentially introducing social desirability bias and data validity concerns.

Participant Recruitment
Equal representation of junior and senior staff, but senior staff’s influence on findings due to superior communication skills.

Design Outcomes
Gamified topic maps and voice assistants, favored by users, remain underdeveloped due to time and technical limitations, offering opportunities for future improvement.

Other Work

Post-Purchase Service Innovation | ScS

In a 6-week collaboration with ScS, we conducted user research and usability testing to enhance the post-purchase service, spanning order to delivery, while also innovating the mobile and web interfaces.

Teho Smart Meter App | GenGame

To combat global warming, we’ve teamed up with GenGame to create user-centered strategies and features. Our focus is on streamlining he retrofitting for busy young families by integrating psychological theories into the design process.

Special Issue Management Tool | Wiley

Under the guidance of Atlassian designers, we customized the management tool for the Special Issue editorial team. This involved improving the user experience across seven key features within the current version.


Sony Tactile Feedback Innovation Competition | Third Place

Timberise Wooden Residential International Student Competition | 2nd Place

X-site Competition of Landscape Installation in Taipei Art Museum | Top 10


Master of Arts – MA in User Experience and Service Design

Loughborough University 10/2022 – 10/2023

– Collaborated with furniture brand SCS to conduct 2 weeks of primary research on online post-sales service, user testing on 3 user flows, and service innovation on mobile and web based on user feedback.

– Collaborated with GenGame to identify design opportunities from existing research and design a smart meter system based on behaviour change theory.

– Facilitated 4 months of in-depth user engagement to independently design an online platform that facilitates knowledge exchange and well-being for remote workers.

Master of Science – MS in Applied Psychology

Beijing Normal University • GPA: 3.6/4 09/2021 – 09/2024

– Received First-class Scholarship and Dual Degree Scholarship

– Google Smart Home for the Elderly: Responsible for the design of a smart home system for the elderly. – Conducted marketing research, UX research, and conceptual design. Completed a low-fidelity prototype of the interactive hospital navigation system.

– Conducted research on the influencing factors of the elderly’s willingness to learn smartphones.

– Conducted eye-tracking studies and click path measurements of online shoppers in different task situations.

Bachelor of Architecture – BArch in Architecture

Tunghai University 08/2013 – 06/2018

– Led the team to participate in two design competitions and was shortlisted. – Participated in societies focusing on local urban regeneration and rural infrastructure development issues.

– Managed the planning and execution of the graduation exhibition.

Work Experience

UI Design Intern

Wiley • Beijing, China 07/2022 – 11/2022
Wiley is one of the largest and most authoritative collections of online journals, books, and research resources, covering life, health, social, and physical sciences.

  • Collaborated with development to create an internal work system for special issue editors, meeting brand VI standards.
  • Conducted user research, developed wireframes & prototypes, ensured easy use.
  • Created official WordPress websites for Wiley’s Academic Journal, with content strategy & SEO.
  • Wrote clear design specs with wireframes, mockups, & user stories.

UI & Visual Design Intern

Sinovation Ventures • Beijing, China 02/2022 – 06/2022
Sinovation Ventures, a Beijing-based venture capital firm, was one of the first Chinese firms to establish a presence in the United States in 2009.

  • Led UX research & design of cutting-edge 3D avatar for startup’s metaverse product.
  • Collaborated with team to create motion-captured digital avatars & virtual world.
  • Worked closely with design director to research visual styles & analyze metaverse competitors.

UX Design Intern

MyH2O Water Information Network • Beijing, China 10/2021 – 01/2022
MyH2O is a nonprofit platform that connects rural communities with clean water resources through a nationwide volunteer network, aiming to enhance their health and access to clean water.

  • Led the design of the company website UI and assisted with business-end user flow.
  • Completed 14 souvenir designs independently for 10+ cooperative enterprises.
  • Assisted with water quality testing and water safety courses for public welfare.

Assistant Architect

Genarchitects • Shanghai, China 09/2018 – 08/2019
Shanghai-based genarchitects, founded in 2013, focuses on comprehensive architectural design.

  • Managed a 1,000 m2 pavilion project from concept to construction.
  • Presented company at two major architecture exhibitions.
  • Contributed to 6 architecture projects, producing legal reports, briefings, and construction drawings.

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