Shujin Li

I'm a passionate UX designer driven by social responsibility. My forte lies in systemic problem-solving, rooted in proactive thinking. By merging empathy with logical analysis, I blend innovation and agility, crafting seamless, impactful experiences for individuals and society.

Final Project

Easy Pantry Service Design

Easy Pantry, an innovative solution tailored for individuals in the UK struggling to access sufficient food.

Offering a stress-free, dignified supermarket shopping experience which empowers individuals to choose diverse and nutritionally balanced food in line with societal norms and personal needs.

Furthermore, Easy Pantry actively encourages regular supermarket shoppers’ donation through various channels and feedbacks, facilitating an efficient donation, as well as promoting friendly connections in the community.

About Me

Socially Responsible Researcher

Systemic Problem-Solver

Proactive UX Designer

As a socially responsible researcher

Design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about making a positive impact. I got my sights set on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aligning my work with initiatives that create innovative solution. Being deeply attuned to social trends and empathetic towards societal needs, I also dedicate time to volunteering at the Shepshed Food Bank every week, contributing my bit to the local community.

As a systemic problem-solver

When it comes to designing, I’m not just looking at the pixels; I’m looking at the whole canvas. I thrive on dissecting challenges from a systemic viewpoint, making sure every solution fits seamlessly into the bigger picture. My knack for logical thinking enables me to define problems precisely and make informed decisions that drive design excellence.

As a proactive UX designer

I thrive on taking the initiative and tackling challenges head-on. My resilience and determination fuel my ability to face obstacles and find innovative solutions. Collaborating with users and stakeholders with proficient communication skills enable me to gather ideas, insights, and feedback, ensuring that my designs are not just user-centric but user-driven.

Visionary Thinkers

Visionary Creators

Visionary Makers