Megan Turton

Megan is interested in digital design and visual communication, building on these interests from her undergraduate studies in design. She enjoys connecting audiences to future technology by designing exhibition environments for public engagement.

Final Project

Nanotechnology Exhibition

This project created an exhibition mock-up surrounding the topic of nanotechnology – an emerging scientific innovation. The intention was to communicate to the public the scientific developments, progress, and uncertainty surrounding the technology’s future. Taking the complex, scientific knowledge happening behind the scenes and making this more accessible and engaging for future generations was a core goal of the project.

Exhibition content

The project created an exhibition proposal document, pitching the idea to the Science Museum, London. The rendered mock-ups of the nanotechnology exhibition visualised the information, objects, interactive elements and atmosphere the museum could hold. These were created using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and 3D modelling using Blender.

Speculative experiential future

This section of the exhibition use speculative design to provide visitors with an experience of the potential reality nanotechnology might offer. Using design fiction, future world building, and foresight surrounding the future of nanotechnology, the space aimed to engage audiences on its threats, opportunities, and unintended consequences. Creating a user-centred shopping experience in the year 2060 hoped to help visitors generate questions and interest on the topic in an environment they can relate to outside of academic text and theory alone.

Reflective activity

The conclusion of the exhibition provided an opportunity for the visitor to comment on what they have learnt about nanotechnology and imagine their future world. Providing the viewer with the opportunity to share their questions, thoughts and visions of uses for nanotechnology, both positive and negative to challenge what they have learnt and seen for further engagement and interest in the innovation. 

Final Project Supporting Images

Exhibition map

Helping the audience to navigate the exhibition.

Exhibition content render

Visualisation of the content and display boards.

Exhibition content render II

Visualisation of the content within the experiential future.

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