Kassia Margoudi

Having studied a BA in Interior Architecture and Design Kassia wanted to further specialise in design elements. Pursuing an MA Graphic Design and Visualisation, she has developed an interest involving graphic design, branding and illustration.

Fatphobia against women in Greece

It is proven that fatphobia is rooted in racism, misogyny, classism and other systems of oppression in western society. Greece has a unique history of fighting against the West as well as the East.

Due its centuries long Ottoman occupation, and the pain associated with their rule, modern Greeks, reject their Eastern tradition, hyper-fixating their identity within Western & European norms. As a result, fatness that was once considered a sign of vivacious happiness and health, is now frowned upon and rejected as in many Anglo-European countries.

Finding fatphobia in Greece is an under-researched topic, this project seeks to confront the normalization of the phenomena deeply ingrained in the nation’s struggle with identity.

The problem

Unlike other taboo topics, fatness is frequently discussed in negative terms, being unfavourably brought up as a topic for discussion at any given moment by relatives, friends or strangers. Uncalled for remarks, comments and unwanted advice take the guise of compassion and care, whilst compliments are backhanded, pity robs dignity and disgust belittles plus-sized women.

My solution

By comparing the objectification of plus-sized women to fat cats through a series of posters, metaphors are drawn between western notions of a passive femininity, the inextricable nature of fatness & cuteness in non-human animals, and humour’s ability to criticise and defend.

Drawing upon auto-ethnographic research processes, cute cat characters represent awkward situations the designer has been cornered into. Their goal is to remind the affected population they are not alone and pushing people to think before they speak.

Fat is Fine campaign

The campaign extends beyond a series of posters, offering a call to action through a QR Code. Through it, onlookers can take an online quiz as well as support charities dedicating to combating fat-related tensions. The ultimate goal would be to extract data from the website visitors in order to support policy and perception changes in top-down and bottom up manners.

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