Weihong Lin

Weihong Lin, a graduate with a background in photography and currently pursuing a master's degree in graphic design, aims to enter the field of design and visual imagery in the future.

Final Project

Rebirth of Order

The work consists of a main book design and 18 smaller book designs. In the design, various concepts related to organization and categorization are seamlessly integrated, including elements such as illustrations, text design, material utilization, and overall interactivity, all of which combine to present readers with a rich and engaging experience.

Empathy Activities

The design of the 18 smaller books imbues lost items with anthropomorphic emotions, creating individual images and stories for each small object. This presents the “inner world” of these items, such as the buried functionality of lost items due to organization issues and the frustration of not being found. Through a novel perspective, it invites the audience to understand the crucial dilemmas and losses that can arise from lack of organization from the standpoint of the items themselves.

Word Search Activities

Using two sets of word search games as creative elements, one set of letter clusters remains unsorted, while the other set undergoes meticulous categorization. This serves to illustrate the contrast between the efficiency of organization and disorganization. As the audience flips through the pages, the cut-out paper reveals answers; adjectives related to organization and lack thereof, strengthening the visual correlation between elements and the theme’s concepts.

Applying Organisation Skills

Through two sets of playing card illustrations, the neatly arranged playing cards are correlated with the speed of laying down cards, further highlighting the practical manifestations of organization and disorganization in daily life.

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