Yi Li

Yi‘s undergraduate degree was in graphic design, and she would like to work on 3D software design in the future. She is an enthusiastic Graphic Designer who also enjoys creating exciting and responsive design solutions.

Final Project

Nuclear Radiation Bio-Image Design

The project is inspired by the problem of environmental pollution caused by nuclear radiation. She hopes to raise people’s awareness of the nuclear crisis by introducing the ecological hazards of nuclear radiation in the form of a 3D model. Even if people don’t think they are exposed to nuclear contamination now, if they continue to ignore it or let it go, they will pay for it soon.

The Design

The Radiation Bio-Image Design project is to design fruits and vegetables that may mutate in the future, and ultimately, through the display of physical models to let the viewers understand more intuitively the hazards of nuclear radiation.


The brochure includes comprehensive illustrations of the fruits and vegetables as well as the interior structure of the material, which aids the spectator in understanding the title of the presented work and the associated information.


The model was produced with C4D software, and the colour green was chosen to show the fruit’s mutations. The forms were created with prominent shape to demonstrate the impacts of nuclear pollution. The object was 3D printed and coloured using water-based paints for the final presentation.


The colour scheme was chosen to preserve the tangerine’s orange while emphasising the variations in the epidermis with green raised blocks.


The design focuses on shape, sharpening the shape of the strawberry into an unusual triangle and enlarging the seed based on the effect of nuclear radiation on the size of the plant’s fruit.

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