My major is Graphic Design and Visualisation.
My project in MA is about designing a meditation and mindfulness app.
After graduation, I plan to work in UX/UI design for mental health products.

Final project

<Flowering – Meditation and mindfulness App>

Flowering is a meditation-centered mindfulness app. Its core concept is to guide the user in exploring the growth of the mind as a mindful flower opens. At the beginning of the process, users can take a personality test to match plants that match their traits. I derived the traits of the plants from botanical imagery, such as the language of flowers. After completing the test, I gave users a seed to begin their meditation journey.


Meditaion / Mindfulness / Plant symbolism / Mental health

21 DAYS Meditation Journey

21-day meditation programme was added to the user experience when creating the user flow. 21-day meditation program combines 5 stages of seed growth to help users witness their spiritual growth, which gives positive feedback to the users and thus allows them to get used to the app better.

<Mood diary>

Before and after each meditation, users can record their feelings in the moment by clicking on the mood bubbles. The data of each meditation will be recorded in diary, so users can visually see their results and changes. Through journaling, users can see their growth each day and develop a habit of meditation.

<Meditation model changes>

User can select different meditation models.


2018.9–2022. 6 Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts – BA, Visual Communication

2022.10 – 2023.9 Loughborough University – MA, Graphic design and Visualization

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