Meherunisa Baig

Meherunisa's passion lies at the intersection of design and education. Aiming to revolutionize design education; teaching is her lifelong ambition. With branding as her core, she wants to evolve into an information and instructional designer through her journey at Loughborough.

Final Project

Module Designing with Design Thinking Pedagogy

The project aims at redesigning a module offered to MA Graphic Design and Visualization students at Loughborough University, tackling the need for a paradigm shift in the teaching of graphic design. It delves into incorporating design thinking as a pedagogical tool, exploring its potential to redefine the curriculum. The project focuses on practice-based courses in graphic design, acting as a bridge between the worlds of design and education.

One of the project’s key deliverables is the Module Handbook, which comprises all the essential information a student or an instructor may require, such as the Intended Learning Outcomes shown in the image on the right.

Module Handbook: Teaching Plan Overview

One of this MA project’s most critical design pieces is the teaching plan overview. This information design piece brings together all the teaching sessions for the semester week by week on one page, along with the workload levels for the students and the instructors (i.e., instructor-led, mixed effort, and student-centred).

Module Handbook: Teaching Plan Expanded

The expanded teaching plan follows the above overview layout and is colour coded by what session category it falls under to help students and instructors navigate their way through the semester easily.

Student’s Wireboard

The mockup above serves as a visualization of what the teaching plan could look like if printed and used by a student in MA Graphic Design and Visualization.

Lecture Design

The mockup above shows the first lecture of the module titled ‘Setting Sail’ as accessed by a student via the Loughborough LEARN 22 portal.

Underpinning Research

Visionary Thinkers

Visionary Creators

Visionary Makers