Minyuan Wang

Hi, I'm a passionate and energetic UX & Service designer, with background in Landscape Architecture. Love to try and learn new things with challenge and to be a talented problem solver!

Final Project


AccompanyDriving is service, designed to assist drivers in managing and reducing road rage. Using AI technology, it offers real-time voice interactions and interesting character choices to provide guidance, meanwhile, it also offers weekly report and courses helping drivers recognize and control their emotions. It’s like having a calming co-pilot beside you, ensuring a safer and more relaxed driving experience.

Family voice assistance

“Voice Assistance” is a groundbreaking feature tailored for drivers to enhance their journey. It uses the familiar voices of loved ones to guide and intervene during driving, ensuring every interaction feels personal and comforting. Depending on the level of emotional distress, it adjusts its intervention strategies, making each driving experience not only safer but deeply personalized. Imagine having a loved one always there with you, offering gentle reminders and guidance when you need it most.

Weekly report & driving courses

“Weekly Report” is an insightful tool that chronicles your daily driving emotions. Notably, it captures those fleeting moments of anger, presenting them in a light-hearted manner that brings a chuckle during reviews.
Our tailored “Driving Course” offers educational insights to refine driving habits. As you progress, earn points and redeem them for attractive vouchers, making the learning experience both beneficial and rewarding.

User testing

The test results was positive. The participants had shown high preference for the voice interaction, and were happy with having family voices to assist them to manage their emotions


How to use AccompanyDriving?

The video shows the user journey of using features: voice interaction, weekly report, course study.

Other Work

Focuses on women’s safety in train travel, providing timely and effective ways for them to seek help and advice. Based on the existing technology trends, provide possible solutions: exchange carriages, traveling together, sos buttons, etc.

Design a service system that promotes medicinal cuisine to help busy young generation expand their menu, and achieve their goal of improving their physical well-being with less effort and time.

This project is to conduct a usability evaluation on the CELINE website. And based on the problems, redesign the website and test.

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