Yuehan Xu

I'm a UX designer who specializes in providing emotional support . People often need extra emotional support when they face emotional stress. I will identify opportunities in such scenarios and design user-centred care services that provide value to the user.

Final Project

Memorylink-A personalized way to remember

MemoryLink is an innovative digital memorial platform
that remembers loved ones in a personalized way. You
can commemorate life in a new way and preserve
precious memories.

Addressing the needs of users

I used interviews and sample questionnaires to understand users’ attitudes toward traditional funerals and the way they expect funerals to be. I identified their main idea, the design opportunity lies in providing users with a digital platform and space, a platform that offers online engagement features. Allowing them to remember their loved ones in a personalized way and encouraging an optimistic celebration of life.


Applying the co-design methodology to the design process of a digital funeral project may offer many advantages, as digital funerals are emotionally, culturally and technologically multifaceted and require innovation that honours tradition.

  1. Emotional connection: Funerals involve the emotions of family, friends and community, and using the co-design methodology allows participants to express their own emotions, memories and values in the design, thus creating a more personal and profound digital funeral experience.
  2. Cultural respect: Different cultures and religions have different funeral traditions, and co-design ensures that the voices of different cultures are included in the design process to respect and reflect diversity.
  3. Community Engagement: Digital funerals may be a way for communities to honour and engage. Make people feel like they are co-creating a meaningful way to honour and remember loved ones.
  4. Sustainability: It is important to consider the long-term sustainability of a digital funeral project. A collaborative design process can help identify sustainability issues and incorporate appropriate solutions into the design.
  5. Ethical Issues: Digital funerals may have ethical implications. Collaborative design can ensure that these issues are fully considered in the design process.

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