mj yang

As a UX designer rooted in product design and enriched by consulting experience, I skillfully align user needs with business goals, creating engaging experiences using a user-centered approach and solid product design knowledge.

Final Project

Foodie Connect

Welcome to an immersive experience designed for international students in the UK. Our service is your connection to combat loneliness and build meaningful relationships.

Our service unites people with similar food preferences. AI-driven suggestions introduce you to English language and cultural events, enabling you to step out, make friends, and connect. Engage with acquaintances, friends, and potential companions who share your interests. Nurture these connections into close friendships, where each chat strengthens the bond. Celebrate meaningful moments, like birthdays, with our support, ensuring your friendships thrive.

It’s an invitation to embrace social interactions, cultivate enduring relationships, and enhance your study-abroad experience.


UX Vision Statement

There is an opportunity to design a product or service for Gen Z international student who study aboard at the first time to address their barriers in establishing and maintaining friendships which helps reduce loneliness, navigate their study abroad experience with companionship and belonging so that Gen Z international students can overcome obstacles, establish meaningful connections, and enrich their lives during their time abroad.


Business Model

The purpose of this solution is to assist international students in reducing loneliness, fostering friendships, and maintaining those connections throughout their study abroad journey. This service involves multiple stakeholders, such as schools, communities, and local businesses. Through this offering, benefits are not only extended to international students, but it also has a profound impact on society and the economy.

User Experience Map


After three rounds of iterative refinement and modification, we have arrived at our final solution.

Final Interface


  • Excellent graduation work
  • National College Student Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition


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