Mo Zhou

3D modelling is a field I am interested in. For my final project I challenged myself to create virtual character figures and clothing in order to help empower marginalized female groups better to show their beauty on social media.

Final Project

Inclusivity of Virtual Clothing – Discover the Beauty of Marginalised Female Group

The advent of social media has revolutionized self-expression and identity formation, providing a powerful platform for individuals to communicate and share their unique perspectives with the world. However, the incessant pressure to conform to unattainable beauty standards perpetuated by media, fashion industries, and social media platforms has led to a crisis of body confidence among many women. In this negative situation, some women have become marginalised in the fashion world, hindered in their quest for beauty by factors such as plus-size, disability, pregnancy and disfigurement.

My design aims to assist marginalized groups of women and those lacking self-confidence in their bodies by providing them with a new inclusive medium to showcase their beauty.

Visual I | Desert

Video – Desert Virtual Symbiosis

Rendering Effects

Theme Design

A female warrior standing in the desert, looking determinedly far into the distance, she is ready to fight for her tribe. Maybe tomorrow will be the doomsday.

Character Design

She is a middle-aged woman with coiffed hair, have a strong and sturdy physique. Though her skin was covered in seemingly imperfect freckles, it was a real badge of honour for a desert guardian.

Clothing Design

This design is based on the questionnaire results of the type of clothing that is most helpful to women’s self-confidence, and is set in a futuristic technological style. Combining elements such as acidic twisted animal skeletons, metal battle armour, and wasteland-style tattered capes.

Setting elements of bird wings and using a lot of fan-folded paper patterns to form the gown. The clothing material used black metal, to express the strong female power. The cut-outs at the waist will emphasise the waistline and the large dress hemline help to elongate the figure proportion. The choice of facial accessories will cover half of the face, which means that aesthetic standards should not be judged on physical appearance.

Visual II | Ocean

Video – Ocean Virtual Symbiosis

Rendering Effects

Theme Design

A mermaid princess who lost her left leg but still lives an optimistic life in the ocean.

Character Design

She loved sitting on the reef every day, popping bubbles and watching them fly up into the dazzling surface of the sea, because that’s where she longed to be the most.

Clothing Design

In the collage of thematic elements, many sea creatures are added, as well as shells and bubbles. The style of the clothing is based on soft curved surfaces and jets of water, and the overall clothing will be wrapped in water elements to express the softness and energy of women. The overall colour palette is white and blue with lots of transparent undertones to add layers.

For the graphic styling, there are five dresses in the collection, including a saree made of blue water plants, a full-length dress made of pearls, and a trailing gown made of fish scales and waves. In the end, the choice of a dress composed of spiral water waves and a bubble bustier.

Virtual Website

The final output is a virtual web page, produced through the web production site Framer. The website features a virtual clothing purchasing area, aprivate customised virtual clothing area, a community platform for sharing photos of fittings, and a user feedback function, which together reflect the study’s commitment to fostering empowerment, self-expression and body confidence.

Other Work

Bell Foundry

Sculpture Installation


Metal/ Concrete/ Waste Bells

This is a monumental installation designed for bell foundry and is a virtual project. To commemorate the major historical events of this factory in the 1970s and to have a new landmark.

06. 2023

Across the River and Into the Trees



Metal/ 3D Print Resin

“It moves through the white maze, although its twists and turns resemble a dense forest, there seems to be a mysterious force propelling it, urging it, pushing it towards the ultimate direction, the only direction. Even if oppressed, surrounded, bewildered, even if the path ahead is long and repetitive, there is nothing that can hinder it.”

This was my undergrad graduation design, a large marble track installation and combined with 3D printed surfaces.

06. 2022


The Winner of Bell Foundry Design Project 2023

Silver Prize China Academy of Art Graduation Design Fengmian Lin Award Jun.2022


The First National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Miniature Model, Exhibited at the 100th Anniversary Exhibition — Once Upon a Time in Fudeli Mar. 2021–Apr. 2021

Death in the Afternoon, Installation, Exhibited at the Sixth Intermedia Arts Festival in Ningbo, China Nov. 2020

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