Xi Zheng

Underpinning Xi's undergraduate degree in Textile Engineering which was a passion for design work more generally. Taking this passion into the MA course, she has specialised in brand design and marketing strategy, striving to create work that is emotionally enriching.

Final Project


The rapid growth of fast fashion brands has led to an increasing number of consumers seeking to keep up with changing trends by buying more clothes at a lower price. As a result, there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of discarded clothes being incinerated in landfills, causing irreversible impacts on the environment. This project aims to give a second life to unwanted clothes by designing a recycled clothing brand that takes consumers’ unwanted clothes as raw materials and transforms them into new branded garments through a series of creative transformation methods.

Brand Book

As part of the promotion, this brand concept book tells consumers about the brand concept using an illustrative game to chart the clothings & users’ rebirth.

Visual Experiment

In order to express that various clothing can be combined and transformed again, Cinema 4D was used to make six kinds of fabrics. They were then displayed together using ropes as a symbol of an interweaving thread between the brand, clothing and consumer.

Brand Website

The brand website helps consumers with the same values to build a community alongside creating a shopping platform.

Eco-Wear Fashion Show

Different fabric textures represent different clothes, using six models in a simulated fashion show.

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