Monique Rochelle Graham

As a User Experience & Service Design student at Loughborough University, I have enhanced my design thinking, creative problem-solving and researching. While developing new skills in UX design and prototyping.

Final Project

Mini & Me Fitness

To explore single mothers enablers and barriers in order for them to fit physical exercise in day to day in order to enable the practice of physical exercise. Mini and Me Fitness is a service which enables mothers and children to exercise together. Using an app to book class, talk to other mothers on the classes and keep track of your progress. Making use of local spaces and school facilities to take part in different types of exercise classes with your child.

The Challenge

The government outline that single mothers should take part in up to 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity each week. Single mothers have various barriers which result in them not being able to take part in daily physical activity. Such as having no disposable income, not having the time and wanted to be on hand for their child/children with no distractions.

User Research

Throughout the project I conducted user research with a variety of single mothers to identify their specific needs and any pain points they have. Knowing that time is already a barrier, exploring into deep pain points such as feeling guilty for leaving their child/children and actually wanting to exercise alongside their child/children.

Key Features

Mini & Me Fitness has a variety of key features such as:
– AI which is used on your initial sign up where you complete a questionnaire and the app will tailer which classes it thinks that you should attend.

– A Chatbot so that the single mothers can communicate with other single mothers attending the classes to build friendships and a community.

– Focusing on susitabiblity with the use of local green spaces for the classes and the use of school halls during the colder months of the year. This eliminates the need to find a space to build and spend money on materials etc for a new location.

Video Prototyping

Here is my final video prototyping to show key features and user flows of the app to see how a single mother would interact with the service on a daily basis.

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