Huixian Gong

I am Huixian, a design novice with general UX design skills, striving to become a product experience designer who can tell vivid and interesting product stories. I have a focus on logic, problem, innovation and reflection.

Major Project


For women with limited life experience, the app will record the user’s healthy life trajectory, analyse the user’s current physical status and confusion about changes in their own body, and automatically comb through multiple sources of information to provide the user with personalised activity advice. By providing personalised health advice and solution steps , health risk prevention as well as emotional support provides women with a simple, fun, dynamic and personalised experience. This app allows women to start taking care of their health in a systematic and scientific way. It is not only a personal health knowledge app, but also provides women with specific problem-solving strategies, fair access to health decision-making, prevention of unknown health risks and companionship.

Service blueprint

From the moment a user downloads the app, he or she gets personalised access to his or her health issues and actual health status at that age through automatic synchronisation of health-related data and manual recording of health conditions, after intelligent analysis by AI. Through detailed examination instructions, users can have a clear understanding of their health problems and related health knowledge, and proactively decide whether to seek medical treatment or take medication.


SheLeafs helps users have this experience requires collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders. Health data from different aspects of the user’s life, specialised and up-to-date knowledge about women’s health from authoritative medical websites, and technical teams and medical experts to provide the methods and models for training the AI will be needed.

Design Process

Understanding the user pain points

In a world where women’s health knowledge is lacking, our vision is to integrate scientific knowledge of women’s health into people’s lives and provide strong support and guidance to women, no matter where they are or what their age. The goal is to create a lasting impact, contributing to a solid and trusted foundation for women’s health and well-being.


Selection of feasible and meaningful design directions through the use of co-design and value evaluation forms.

Draft, test, and iterate

In this process, we analyzed the user journey and the task flow for using the service, created simple prototypes, and use experience prototype methodology to continually test, validate and adjust the design.

The concept

After continuous testing with users, we obtained a clear design concept and information architecture.

The business canvas
Value proposition

Huixian Gong


Third Prize in the “Shaping the Future” Pioneer Programme competition.


Design Assistant | Intern

East China Architectural Design and Research Institute,Shanghai

Assist the lead architect to complete the conceptual design and space visualisation, participate in the design discussion and follow up on the revised design details.

Designer | Part-time

ARCHIFORD Cocomat Hotel Project, Shanghai

Focusing on the goals and tasks of cocomat’s hotel business, we propose solutions from the perspective of user scenario experience by analysing the needs and pain points of its target users.

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