Owen Goldberg

Passionate about storytelling through design to reimagine the future.

I am dedicated to designing solutions for those often overlooked, advocating for the unheard in areas such as women in football and the neurodivergent community.

Empathy drives my design.


I’m dedicated to giving voice to the overlooked, championing causes from women in football to the neurodivergent community. My designs fuse moral integrity with a deep understanding of users, crafting stories that reimagine the future. Unburdened by preconceived industry biases, my fresh perspective and adaptability set me apart. Dive into my portfolio and see design thinking fueled by shared human experiences.

Final Project


A digital aid focussing on reducing mundane and repetitive tasks to enhance user satisfaction

A vision where miscommunication is a foreign concept. Driven by research with an aim to alleviate pain points related to mundane and repetitive tasks.

My belief is simple – when professionals are empowered and understood, they will flourish and evolve, enhancing their joy in the creative process.

This is achieved through three main features;

Machine preference learning

Understanding users content preferences to produce an archetype molded to their needs

Content digestion

Reformatting content aligned to individuals assigned archetype

Rediscover your passion with Narrative AI

Content sculptor

Reforming content to suit a broader audience of archetypes

Feature overview

Preference archetypes

Ecosystem of users

My project empowers professionals by alleviating the frustrations of repetitive and mundane tasks, tailoring content to individual preferences. In bridging communication gaps, it revolutionises learning, adapting to varied styles, fostering innovation, and encouraging growth.

Inclusivity remains paramount; offering content that resonates across age and cultural divides, thus promoting clear, productive communication. The proposed outcome rejects full monotonous automation, preserving a sense of accomplishment. It proposes a balance of semi-automation, maintaining a personal touch. This approach values each aspect, nurturing a rewarding creative process that fuels ongoing development, reduces task monotony, and sustains enjoyment.

Other Work


Selected for a 5 day hack with Adidas and Goya. Focussing on the future of making and innovation.

User experience

Integrated industry project focusing on revolutionising inclusive recruitment with a human centred approach


Taptile – Harnessing Fidgeting

Workplace Computer mouse aimed at harnessing fidgeting to improve focus – ADHD

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Visionary Creators

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