Nidhi Kastiya

Dynamic UX designer with expertise in understanding and empathizing with user goals. Knowledge of delivering strategic, user-centered solutions through research and meaningful experiences. Strong in system thinking, communication and collaborative teamwork. Demonstrated commercial awareness and business sense along with design.

Final Project

User Research

PCOS – (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a complex hormonal disorder that affects many women of reproductive age due to increase of male hormone in their body because of sedentary lifestyle. I choose to work on this topic as I am passionate about improving the quality of life of people in our society, empowering individuals, enhancing accessibility to information, and raising awareness in the society, about how important it is to keep our body and mind healthy. This area of the study was very new and unexplored, I wanted myself to challenge with a topic which was untouched my me before.

I have strong skills in user research, which allow me to deeply understand the needs, goals, and pain points of PCOS women. I showcased the skill of being experimental and tried few new tools and methods for the research such as online ethnograpphy, community observation, graffite wall with focused group and semi-structured interviews. This shows my openness to learning new thing and ability to be iterative and agile with the methods. While sysnthesising, I handled a large about of data displaying content management skills. I gathered valuable insights that inform my design decisions and ensure a user-centric approach.

Few key insights were –

Lack of holistic approach – Difficulty of tracking symptoms – Lack of awareness and personalised guidance – Lack of sustained motivation to maintain the positive routine

UX Vision Statement

I believe, there is an opportunity to create a personalized, one-stop solution that helps/empowers women with PCOS to minimize their symptoms without medications naturally by providing them with tools, support, and resources to easily track, manage, and get informed about important aspects of their lifestyle so that they stay motivated to a positive routine and experience a sense of self-compassion, relief, and balance in their PCOS journey.”


In the ideation phase, my creativity and problem-solving skills shine. I generate innovative ideas that go beyond the obvious, addressing the specific needs of PCOS women. I explored different ideation techniques like what ifs, crazy 8 and Co-design. Co-design was something I did for the first time, involving users at the ideation stage was useful. I used SCAMPER to create concepts from ideas. I excel in organizing and structuring information, creating clear hierarchies and intuitive navigation systems. This ensures that the app’s features and content are logically arranged, making it easy for users to track their lifestyle aspects and access personalized suggestions.

Before moving to the product development – I undertook concept testing and experience prototyping with users. Design testing and interacting with users for their feedback is something I really enjoy.

Product development

When it comes to product development, my expertise in visual design comes into play. I have a deep understanding of colour theory, typography, and layout principles, allowing me to create visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing interfaces. I also prioritize going back to my design theories and applying the principles learnt to make the process iterative. I take care of accessibility, ensuring that the app is inclusive.

Along with thinking about the the frontend of the product, I also have a holistic thinking approach as I also take care of the collaboration and effective communication with stakeholders involved, creating value propositions to ensure what value the user is gaining and also have a business sense of thinking where the revenue can be earned and what the costs of the concept could be. I believe it is important to know the back working of the product very clearly to ensure its success.

User testing

Usability testing is a crucial part of my process. I am committed to conducting tests with PCOS women to validate design decisions and identify areas for improvement. I am open to feedback and embrace the opportunity to iterate designs based on user testing results. I analyze and interpret user feedback to make data-driven design decisions, continuously improving the user experience.

PCOSFitX – Manage your PCOS with a holistic solution

The video explains the user experience journey of PCOS women, demonstrating the problems she is facing and further leading her to a solution which can help her to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. I demonstrated my skills of storytelling and creating a narrative to effectively explain the problem and the solution.

Other work

Research project about the behavioral practices and pain points of the female Indian postgraduate students who have never lived in the UK before. Currently living in shared student accommodation, and recently started doing their own laundry here, I designed appropriate solutions which help them become more sustainable, adaptable and informed.

“Bite-safe” is a service based solution for people with food allergic reactions to enhance their dining-out experiences throughout Loughborough. Dining out has never been more inclusive. Effectively thought of backend service working and the frontend stakeholders connections along with thinking about the business aspect with design.

VIA Learning provides a holistic experience of learning about banking through metaphors and stories while helping the customers get the right financial advice based on their goals and needs. Collaboratively handled the project, generated customer insights through secondary and primary user research, designed storyboards, user flows, service blueprints, and Figma prototypes to present our idea to the stakeholders.


  • ICORD 2023: Published research paper in “Springer Nature”- January 2023
  • Part of Harward’s research project designing life after COVID-19 – January 2022
  • Winner of 2021 Taiwan International Student Design Competition – November 2021
  • Finalist in Stanford Center on Longevity Design Challenge – December 2020
  • Winner of D’SOURCE Corona design challenge – May 2020


  • VMLY&R – May 2021 – October 2021 – Junior UX Designer, Mumbai, India
    • Conducted research, audits, and usability tests for the client’s upcoming and existing product/services, and digital platforms
    • Deliverables like site maps, wireframes, storyboards, user journeys, prototypes, experience maps, information architecture, and user flow, in an agile environment to develop user-centered digital solutions that seamlessly aligned with users’ needs
    • Proficient in heuristic evaluations
  • UDAAN INDIA FOUNDATION – May 2020 – June 2020 – Graphic Designer, Mumbai, India
    • Website critique of the NGO’s and provided actionable recommendations to improve user experience
    • Designed compelling fundraising content, including posts and one-pagers,
    • Crafted fun and interactive ‘Let’s Talk episodes and ‘Knowledge Capsules’ tospark joy and empower young minds through online learning

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