Joshua Jones

My work aims to take a broad approaches to specific problems, creating impactful and lasting change to everyday experiences.

The Fan Club

2 Semester self-directed major project

The Fan Club is a charitable service which links with live music venues and events to provide mandatory training on safety, sexual harassment and bystander intervention training to all attendees.

Through the app, users are briefly trained in bystander intervention and then quizzed on what they have learned. Through this, they are awarded a bystander ‘superpower’ which they must pledge to take ownership of at the event they are attending.

The service encourages individual action by providing users with a feeling of ownership and commitment when it comes to intervention techniques using pledging, badges and ‘Bystander Superpowers’, as well as creating an environment in which harassment is stigmatised.

Other Work

6-week group industry project working alongside Cambridge Consultants

The ‘black box of home security’, Circle is a third-party home security service which links with contents insurance companies to improve shared home security through the incentive of cheaper contents insurance and other rewards.

Circle uses existing smart home devices, such as security cameras, smart home speakers and sensors, to monitor house security threats and hold individual house members accountable for their behaviour. This aims to reduce friction and the need for awkward conversations between housemates while creating a compelling incentive of cheaper contents insurance.


6-week agile service design group project

Thought of as ‘the AirBnB for hotdesking’, WorkWhere allows remote employees to book spaces to allow them to work how they want, where they want within their community.

Through the subscription service, employers provide their remote workforce with credits each month to be able to access workspaces through the app. This reassures employers that productivity has the chance to be at its best, as employees are given the autonomy to work in the best environment possible for them. This also improves job satisfaction and employee retention, as well as driving footfall to local businesses and landmarks.

Gym Spin

6 week behaviour change project

A workout tracking app which encourages the appropriate washing of gym clothing.

Using behaviour change strategies such as feedback and persuasive technology, Gym Spin allows gym-goers to prevent nose blindness and know exactly when their clothing needs washing, based on the intensity of their workout and their clothing.

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