Panas Saengvanich

I am a person who believes that design could make the world better. I am passionate about seeking possibilities and opportunities for how things could be done. There are so many things to learn and explore. "Failure is Learning."

Final Project

Well-being & Healthy Retirement

Health and Retirement are unsure and uncertain.

People are usually concerned about pensions and what they want to do. However, health is also sometimes overlooked. Due to the ageing population, chronic diseases are common physical health issues. Getting ourselves to be proactive and preventive is significant.


Service Definition

A personalised pre-retirement service that helps university staff structure their approaches to the unknown retirement with health in mind.

Core concept

Raise awareness: Raising health awareness aligning with other well-being aspects during approaching retirement
Lead and maintain actions: Manage and motivate short and long-term health goals
Personalisation: Define and design your retirement

After several iterations and developments, our holistic well-being service has been refined to be delivered to users throughout their retirement journey. From the moment they become aware of retirement to their post-retirement years, this service offers a range of functions to support their well-being. Understanding that motivation and engagement are key to achieving good health and well-being, and have integrated features to keep users inspired and connected to the service through personalised visualisation and information. With these approaches, the service can ensure that the users are more confident about retirement aligning with healthy lifestyles so that they can enjoy their life after their careers.

Design Methodology

This Design Methodology diagram shows how the project was developed and ideated for the final outcome. The key iterations and decision makings are based on user interviews and prototyping, together with stakeholder interviews.

Sharing and discussing with users are great practices for user-centred design.

Talking with Stakeholders helped me to understand the recent context of health and retirement on various scales, from within an organisation to a region.

Interviews and self-directed methodology

I give importance to sharing and talking with people. This includes multiple stakeholders. I strongly believe in the power of communication and collaboration with others. By sharing our thoughts and ideas with different stakeholders, we can break our own limitations and explore new opportunities. It is important to listen and understand the perspectives of others, especially the users. Through open and honest dialogue, we can come up with innovative solutions and achieve our goals together.

Getting to this point requires user interviews and finding analytics to understand how users usually behave in a pattern. Moreover, engaging with multiple stakeholders also support the concept and idea development.

  • Idea & opportunity seeker: I am a person who loves to seek design possibilities and opportunities. I am always open to new ideas and opportunities. Learning through exploring is what I value.
  • Big picture thinker: I am always enjoying and excited to start a new project by being a big-picture thinker. I can really understand all the different challenges and pain points that need to be tackled. By looking at everything from a big-picture perspective, I can create solutions that perfectly fit the needs of the users. I am confident that with this approach, I will be able to create something that will truly make a difference in people’s lives.

Sketches, Conceptuality, and Practicality

As someone who is interested in information architecture, I find that sketching out my ideas is an essential part of the brainstorming process. Not only does it help me visualise my thoughts more clearly, but it also makes it easier for me to share and discuss my ideas with colleagues.

Furthermore, as a designer, I found that using visualisation during co-design sessions in user interviews and testing is an incredibly effective approach. Not only does it help me gather more insights, but it also ensures that users can easily understand the content. By collaborating with users and incorporating their feedback into my sketches, I am able to create designs that truly meet their needs.

VDO Prototype

This VDO prototype shows the story of Arthur, a university staff member who is aware of retirement but does not have a clear thought about it. This VDO explores how Arthur goes through challenges and the unknown of retirement.

Other Work

LAUNDRY: A laundry application for sustainability

The free laundry leads to unawareness of us- ing shared-laundry machines by their performance, time and cycles to meet their objective, cleanliness.

This behaviour consumes more water & energy than necessary.

The application is an intelligent technology which influent users’ decision-making on laundering. It plays a significant role in how post-graduate students use laundry machines, and it is a medium to connect the users to the machines. The idea of the application is to encourage users to choose appropriate modes related to their garments and be eco-friendly. The application design focuses on the user interface (UI), such as colours and icons, which reflect on user behaviours, and also the implication of the Behaviour Steering Strategy.

MUSE: “An application that works as a connection between museums and visitors aiming to create on-going experiences through …

Feature 1: Collecting sticker

Feature 2: Bringing museum to life

Core Concept of the service

To use the online social intervention, the sticker creation, as a trigger to engage the young generation to go to local museums to encourage ongoing experiences and revisit.


Next-gen service platform that links farmers with end customers through a sponsorship scheme that is easy, free, and flexible.


  • Volunteers Certificated 2017: One of Thai Outstanding Volunteers certificated by The National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand awarded by Princess Soamsavali Kitiyakara
  • First Prize, High school level 2014: World Food Day Drawing Contest: “Agriculture at home” by World Food Organization (WFO)

Social & Volunteering

  • Student representative: Pre-sessional course, Loughborough University (Aug – Sep 2022)
  • Mentor & Coordinator:
  • Buddhist Youth and Novice camps, The Young Buddhists Associationof Thailand Under the Royal Patronage (YBAT)
  • Delegate: World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFBY), The 27th General Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists 2014, Baoji City, The People’s Republic of China


  • Assistant to CEO [By Project]: Nacdrone (March 2022 – Present): I worked as an Assistant for Mr Aussawin Romprasert. My main task is to discuss with him and the management team and to create presentations as executive project summaries. I was also assigned to work as an assistant and project coordinator in an international project with Skylife Technology for partnership.
  • Assistant & Visual Facilitator: White Rabbit Management [WRM], (March-May 2022): WRM is a consultant company specialising in human resource development founded by Dr Woraphat Phuchareon. I assist him and the team in the public training and lecture sessions by summarising his lecture into visual illustrations such as mind maps for participants’ better understanding.
  • Assistant to Chairman: TVA Institute (September 2021 – February 2022): I worked as an Assistant for Mr. Chayadit Hutanuwatr, The chairman of TVA institute. I was his supporter in his business consultings and meetings in the level of management, strategy and policy. I was also a visual facilitator of the business discussions by taking note and draw diagrams in order to summarize all the issues.

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