Bridging the Gap of the Digital Divide

GuidEase – Your Tech Buddy

GuidEase is designed for the older population, but is made accessible for anyone that fears interaction the digital world. GuidEase not only empowers elderly individuals to harness the power of technology but also provides an enriching platform to keep them socially connected and mentally active. In essence, it’s a beacon of hope in an increasingly digital world, promising that age is not a barrier to being digitally adept.

Introducing GuidEase

Age UK

Volunteering at Age UK was a transformative experience. It was a poignant reminder of the gaps in technology adaptation and the nuances of elderly needs, reassuring and proving my problem relevance in the world.

As a designer, this immersion offered an invaluable firsthand insight into the challenges and needs of the elderly community. It was about preserving their dignity, fostering inclusivity, and bridging the digital divide. The direct feedback and observation shaped the design of GuidEase, ensuring it wasn’t just user-friendly but genuinely catered to the unique challenges faced by the elderly. The experience underscored the significance of empathy in design and the profound impact of grounding solutions in real-world experiences.

Age UK Digital Champions Campaign, Clarence House, Leicester
Design Ideation Process

Iterative design process

The ideation process began with the “How Might We” (HMW) method, sparking ideas for elderly users. This led to “Crazy 8s,” quickly followed by wireframing to shape these ideas. Storyboarding mapped user journeys, while feedback shaped the UI and IA. This iterative approach, informed by user feedback, resulted in the final user-centric design of GuidEase.

“Imagine a world where our elderly aren’t just passive consumers of technology, but active, confident participants. With GuideEase, this is not a distant dream, but an imminent reality. The change begins now.”

Other Work

Pure Bites is a B-B-C Service model that believes in transforming the fast food experience, where Shepshed is a global leader in healthy and sustainable produce. All residents are empowered to make informed food choices in a convenient, affordable and guilt free way.

Laundry Tracker’s concept is to educate the users about the know-how of mixing different materials together through building a habit over a period of time while using the product so that later they have their own behaviour and understanding for taking such action, in turn reducing the multiple load of washes that was wasting energy consumption and resources.


  • SPIC MACAY Volunteer
    Since 2016 | Digital & Media Designer
  • Reaching Out NGO Volunteer
    2017 | Teaching children English & Maths
  • Age UK
    2023 | May – Present


Donatekart | UI UX Designer
October 2021 – Present
Designing a website and its experience for India’s crowdfunding social enterprise that allows individuals to donate to a charity in multiple ways.

Digiscrew Marketing Agency | Visual Designer
April 2021 – August 2021
Created videos and graphics for different online business for marketing and advertisements

Muse Wearables | UI Designer
September 2020 – March 2021
Worked on a fintech product and its interface after understanding users and market
Added gamification to increase user interaction and returning users

Van Heusen | Product Design Intern
May 2019 – August 2019
Developed a wearable blazer prototype which included wireless charging portal in the inner linning for mobiles

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