Qi He

I am a UX designer with strengths in visual communication design. I specialise in combining visual communication with user experience to design human-centred user experiences and interfaces. I am passionate about the field of sustainable design.

Final Project


This is a service that helps reduce food waste. Based on the user’s needs and preferences, it provides a daily mystery box of personalised and inexpensive ingredients for people living alone. Most of these mystery boxes consist of foods that are nearing their expiry date in supermarkets. The one-meal-per-box model also helps to reduce the spoilage rate of ingredients. The ingredients are pre-prepared, which enables people living alone to cook more efficiently. The app also offers a personalised recipe feature to help users maximise the utilisation of ingredients.

Service Blueprint

This is my final service blueprint. Here I’ll focus on the backstage. At the join stage, GreenBox is advertised to potential users through social media or offline advertising. Through the supermarket’s data, we can predict in advance the food that is about to expire, and the chef will match it to make up the daily themed GreenBox. The system learns the user’s preferences and recommends GreenBoxes that they may like. Regular message notifications are sent to remind users and push their preferred recipes, prompting them to use up their GreenBoxes.

Ecosystem Map

GreenBox is my innovative solution to food waste.
Supermarkets are a key stakeholder, supplying GreenBox with food that is approaching its expiry date. GreenBox acts as a bridge between supermarkets and consumers, promoting food for supermarkets. It also provides a convenient service for people living alone. The cycle continues as these users become loyal patrons of GreenBox, fostering stronger bonds and enhancing the public reputation of the supermarkets they frequent.

Register & user preference page

Shop & order page

Recipes & account page

Other Work

Behaviour change design coursework

Mammymove – Industry project for CRUX

Yinwuju – for Jinhua Woodblock Museum


  • The 1st Prize of 2019 The National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students
  • The 2nd Prize of 2018 The 10th National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students
  • Award of Excellence of The 18th Platinum Originality Int. University Students Graphic Design Competition


Hangzhou Guanmei Science & Technology Co. Ltd.-Designer Assistant                     12/2019-06/2020

Participated in design projects of banks and Internet companies, such as Ali-baba, Ant Fiance, etc

UBM China(Hangzhou)-Design Assistant 05/2019-08/2019

Assisted designers in various visual design for CBME exhibition, took charge of the H5 visual production and layout of maternity and infant magazines, and collected magazine materials

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