Shuan-Jou Hsu

I'm a UX designer adept in diverse user research methods and behaviour change strategies. Crafting seamless user experiences while driving positive actions, I am good at leveraging digital tools to create impactful solutions that resonate and engage.

Final Project

Bloom – sustainable period hub

Bloom is a one-stop sustainable period hub combining B2B2C e-commerce and a community forum that empowers women to transition to reusable period products.

Project background

Using disposable menstrual products has become a severe environmental issue by its huge consumption and beach pollution. And switching to reusable ones can greatly mitigate this issue, but only 10% of UK consumers are using these. Thus, based on SDGs 13 & 5, this project aims to encourage young British females to try reusable menstrual products and enhance their menstrual experience.

User research

In-depth user research was conducted to gain deep insights into young women’s thoughts and behaviours between disposable and reusable period products.

Methods included:‚Äč

  • 10 contextual interviews with both reusable period product users and non-users.
  • Using card sorting to understand people’s concerns towards reusables and what benefits may appeal to them.
  • Conducting culture probes with 4 reusable period product users to have a deeper understanding of users’ switching process.
  • Through online ethnography, to know how reusable period products work and how people discuss this topic on social media.

Key Insights

  • Based on personal conditions
  • Comparison of concerns and benefits
  • Trustful information support
  • Low awareness

Development Process

It’s an iterative process to bring out the final outcome. It involved 8 participants to engage in the design and evaluation parts and had 3 Key iterations with the final concept and details. Besides, this project also leveraged behaviour change strategies to make the outcome more persuasive for target users.

– Outcome –

How it works

By collaborating with reusable period product brands, they can provide the knowledge base to help us build a product recommendation quiz and FAQs and provide quality products. Bloom can give them marketplace and user data and feedback collected from customers. Bloom will also work with gynaecology professionals to provide more reliable information for users in our community.

Scenario video

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Key Feature 1: Personal Guidance

When people first enter the App, they will undergo a step-by-step onboarding. This process educates them on reusable options, showcases potential savings and environmental impacts, and through a quiz, recommends the most suitable product types and quantities to begin with, instilling their confidence to try reusables.

Key Feature 2: Supportive Community

In the community forum, people can share their thoughts and questions anonymously if they want. Gynaecology experts will be invited to join the forum and answer questions, making users feel trustworthy.

Key Feature 3: Partner Shop

In Bloom’s partner shop, we will recommend starter kits to help people more easily to get started. Besides, all the reusable brands we’ve cooperated with have passed rigorous inspections, and their products would be tried by our team and staff, making users feel trusted to shop on our platform.

I am a UX professional who can deal with challenging issues and build meaningful experiences for people and the planet.


  • Overall winner – 2022 Ford Fund Mobility Competition
  • 2nd Place – 2020 NCKU Graduation Design Projects


  • Severn Trent – Cooperation in Industry Project (Apr 2023 – Jun 2023)
  • UXI Design Co., Ltd – User Experience Design Intern in a banking app team (Aug 2021 – Dec 2021)
  • Advantech – UI/UX Design Intern with an energy management system project (July 2020 – Sep 2020)

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