Qianyu Mo

As a dedicated UX designer, I'm driven by a relentless curiosity to explore the future of user experiences. My work is guided by a deep-rooted concern for social issues, using design as a tool for positive change and inclusivity.

Final Project

A Design for Low Fertility in East Asia

In light of  China’s previous low fertility rate, Fempath, an app for Apple Vision Pro, hopes to help Chinese women of childbearing age make informed fertility decisions after full consideration.

This project conveys my perspectives on pertinent social issues and delves into my investigation of how the advent of Apple Vision Pro will shape the future user experience.

Understand and define issue

I gained a profound understanding of China’s low birth rate and its underlying causes following ethnographic research. Women from diverse backgrounds and age groups share similar considerations. Highly educated, young women approach the decision to have children with caution, yet struggle to comprehensively evaluate this complex issue.

Concept develop and deliver

Fempath supports women’s reproductive decisions through four main steps, including supporting women’s perception of fertility from both rational and emotional viewpoints delivering valuable information and guidance, and facilitating the expression and documentation of immediate decisions. After rigorous prototyping, I’ve substantiated the viability and utility of these steps.

I believe that the launch of Apple Vision Pro as an innovative  device will greatly impact user experience design. Within this project, I’ve selected it as a device to explore more possibilities for future interaction design and UX design.“

Your Decision page

Guide users to record their fertility decisions.

Fempath video

Other Work

Our service provides digital detox spaces to assist remote workers in reducing stress. It’s achieved by collaborating with co-working spaces. This is a response to the increasing trend of remote working and the mental stress that digital nomads experience.
We encourages digital nomads to take a break from screens and refresh themselves, thereby reducing the anxiety caused by prolonged screen time. Additionally, co-working spaces can differentiate themselves in the market and attract more remote workers by offering digital detox spaces.

We worked with the ScS UX design team in Industry Workshop and it’s based on the actual demands of ScS, a UK furniture company. The design is to enhance the user experience of the post-purchase path for ScS.
After research,we came to the conclusion that customers desired greater control over their orders and more flexible scheduling. Also included in the final design deliverables were 3 new features and 2 revised webpages for the ScS website.
The designs successfully matched user demands and the goals set by our client ScS: reduce order cancellations and minimise calls to the call center. Our clients were satisfied with the design results and acknowledged the design process.

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