Bora Ozden

I'm a dedicated UX designer blending empathy with creativity. Guided by user-centered principles, I create intuitive and inclusive interfaces while continuously refining my skills to bridge the gap between creativity and user needs.

museeum – change your museum visiting experience

“Museeum” is an innovative initiative designed to bridge the gap between visually impaired individuals and the enriching world of museums. It aims to provide a meaningful and inclusive experience for everyone, regardless of their visual abilities.

In many cases, visually impaired individuals face challenges when it comes to fully engaging with the captivating exhibits found in museums. “museeum” addresses this issue by fostering connections between visually impaired individuals and sighted individuals who are eager to share their visual experiences.

Through “museeum,” both visually impaired and sighted users are invited to explore the cultural and intellectual environment of museums in a new and interactive way.

The problem

Inclusivity at museums is a topic of constant research and improvement. Even with the rapid technological progress, only 5.5% of visually impaired Europeans visit museums regularly.

There is room to improve and implement social and collaborative solutions to increase this percentage and work towards a more inclusive world with reduced inequalities.

Friendly and inclusive UI design

The application takes on a friendly and accessible form while utilizing inclusive elements. The colours are highly contrasted and elements are visible and comprehensible by all colour blind users. The application also utilizes “Bright and Dark Mode” to ease out the reading for those who have a sensitive vision.

Creating a safe environment

It is evident that meeting new people can be intimidating and scary. “museeum” aims to connect people with similar interests, perspectives, and characteristics to make the first interaction as easy as possible. While providing the option to communicate with voice messages before physically getting together.

Also, “museeum” creates a trusting and safe environment for all of its users with the help of museum staff, account verification, and contact info sharing.

museeum – a new museum visiting experience

The “museeum” narrative video aims to tell the story of users while showcasing the usage of the application with a warm and light tone.

Other Work

ScS – Personalized Shopping Journey

This is the brand new concept design of the ScS app, designed by collaborating with the ScS design team. Its aim is to create a seamless and personalized shopping journey, simultaneously eliminating the common analysis paralysis during sofa shopping. The journey is further improved by the addition of VR to help customers picture how their chosen furniture will look at their home.

biHome – bonding the community through nature

“biHome” is a collaborative and collective plant-growing service. It eases the growing process by giving reminders, tips, and all the necessary tools. It ultimately gives back to the community by increasing local greenery and improving individual mental health.

Orbit – A Futuristic Board Game Experience

“Orbit” is a futuristic yet achievable board game system that utilizes augmented reality, while keeping elements from the nostalgic and intimate experiences we love.

Sonux – immersive exhibition design

“Sonux” is an immersive and interactive exhibition design that focuses on the exploration of the auditory sense for families with children. Providing an experience enjoyable for both the parents and the children by implementing cooperative activities.

DUAL SPLIT 1121 – re-design

The reinterpretation of the classic DUAL HS36 1210 record player with a neo-retro take. Improved usability after extensive user testing and observation yet staying faithful to the design decisions made for the original item while augmenting outdated technological aspects of the design.


  • Hack to The Feature – Mention Prize 2022


I started my design journey as an Industrial Design student at Middle East Technical University. While I was studying I was working as a part-time production assistant at a radio station called “Radyo ODTU 103.1”. This experience taught me how to collaborate with various departments at the radio station creating a dynamic working experience. I have done two internships one being about factory/ manufacturing and the second one being a remote, bathroom furniture concept design internship.

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