Final Project

Breakthru – Where new journeys begin…

Unlocking social potential and conquering challenges through immersive therapy. An innovative solution offering early intervention for social anxiety, equipping users with skills to navigate diverse social situations. Seamlessly blending personal empowerment and expert guidance for holistic mental well-being.

Pain points

Navigating a world filled with social interactions can be daunting for individuals grappling with social anxiety. The fear of judgment, self-consciousness, and discomfort in various social settings often hinders their ability to connect and engage confidently. These individuals may experience heightened stress, isolation, and missed opportunities for personal growth due to their apprehension toward social situations.

After conducting research, it became evident that they struggle to adapt to change, encounter obstacles in initiating conversations, often avoid social interactions, and encounter challenges in acclimating to a new environment.


Creating Breakthru involved a meticulous process that aimed to address social anxiety effectively. We began by researching the unique challenges faced by young adults, particularly international students, suffering from social anxiety. This led to the ideation of a personalized VR therapy service. We collaborated with psychologists and tech experts to design tailored environments and challenges, enhancing social skills. Iterative design, user testing, and feedback refined our service, ensuring its efficacy. The result is Breakthru – an innovative blend of immersive technology and professional guidance to empower individuals to conquer social challenges and foster mental well-being.


The culmination of Breakthru is a comprehensive solution that combines immersive 360 VR videos and virtual reality experiences. These tools are harmoniously integrated with professional guidance, an emotion tracker, and an array of supportive features. The result is an innovative platform that empowers users to navigate social challenges, build essential skills, and cultivate mental well-being in an engaging and effective manner.

Breakthru – Where new journeys begin

A social anxiety app

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