Yuan Sun

As a service design student, I'm a forward-thinking, empathetic designer using design thinking to promote inclusion, equity, and accessibility. Committed to advocating for marginalized groups, I see design as a tool for positive, collaborative change.

Final Project


“Mapory” is more than just an exploration app. It also provides a community platform where retirees can connect, share experiences, form new friendships, and find purpose and fulfillment in retirement.

Smart recommendation & memory map

The home page of the app should display dynamic updates about the local weather, and give users suggestions for exploration or activities based on the local weather and time. For example, on a sunny morning, our app could suggest that the user go for a walk in the park or visit an open garden.

The core of our service – memory mapping. Imagine a map that contains not just roads or buildings, but people’s memories and experiences. As a user, you can create memory points on this map, marking places where you have had memorable experiences. You can also tell your story, share photos and even videos related to these memories.

AR exploration

After seeing the route that you are interested in and want to explore on the app, we will also give customers more choices, such as offline-exploration or online AR exploration. After choosing to explore on the spot, everyone can choose to join a group that is interested in this route and explore together. At the same time, when users choose “Start Exploring”, they can use AR technology to explore their surroundings. If they come across something they don’t understand, like an old building or a wild animal, they can use the app to get more information.

AR guide

In addition, when users are in a specific location, if there are stories related to it there, they can select the “AR tour guide” function to hear these stories, learn about the surrounding environment, and learn about the local history.

Community challenge

Next up is the Community Challenge. Here, we will announce the best travel route recommendation for everyone every week. Here, users are encouraged to participate in various fun activities such as photo contests and walking competitions. The goal is to inspire community engagement and make exploration fun.


In this rapidly evolving digital age, many people are transitioning into retirement from a busy professional life and a rich social life. And “Mapory” was born to redefine the experience of retirement living. We believe that retirement is not just the end of a life phase, but the beginning of exploration, regeneration and reimagining. By combining the latest AR technology and social features, “Mapory” helps retirees reconnect with the city and their memories. Whether scanning historical landmarks with their phones to learn the stories behind them, or participating in AR treasure hunts related to local culture and history, users can experience endless possibilities for fun and exploration.

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