Final Project

<Adolescent self-harm>

Shuo’s project aims to make parents more aware of the signs of self-harm by showing them empathy in the design of the books. This will enable parents to develop transpositional consideration of their child’s situation and feelings, and increase their awareness of their child’s self-harming behaviour.

Folding book: Printing outcome

Shuo gathered all the contents onto a single sheet of paper and divided it into 15 parts by folding the contents. Folding the pages in this way not only saves a great deal of cost, but also allows readers to carry them more conveniently, so that they can read them anytime and anywhere.

Folding effect: An inescapable fear and prison.

The four corners of the square can be seen in four different states of the character’s movement. Shuo’s purpose of this design is to show that adolescents can’t escape the fear of self-harm. Shuo hopes that when parents open it, they will be able to help their own children to break the prison of self-harm.


Shuo’s design of a girl with clenched fists was to reflect her helplessness in the face of negativity. He also paired the design with an eye-catching headline to enhance the viewer’s first impression.

Signs of self-harm: Fear and Isolation & Depression and Low-Esteem

1-2: Shuo combines the two parts of the illustration, where the terrifying tree-man seems to project the inner fear of adolescents. This may represent that due to fear and depression, adolescents tend to hide in their rooms for extended periods, avoiding social interactions, thereby strengthening the connection between the two sections.

Signs of self-harm: Self Blame & Dangerous Goods

3: Shuo draws a girl is depicted in tears due to her own mistakes and flaws, venting her negative emotions.The other a girl pointing at herself represents her mental reflection, where she is in an angry state, blaming herself for her numerous faults.

4: Shuo drew a lot of thorns on the girl’s body, and also drew the girl’s expression of pain and the movement of clutching her body. Shuo replaced the knives with huge thorns hovering around her. The purpose is to remind parents that when they find sharp and dangerous objects around their children, they must pay careful attention to this danger sign.

Signs of self-harm: Avoiding Family and Friends & Anger and Insanity

5-6: Shuo’s illustrated content can independently convey the meaning of self-harm signs. However, he combined them with the aim of better expressing the anger and agitation felt by adolescents as they distance themselves from family and friends, thereby enhancing parents’ understanding of self-harm signs.

Signs of self-harm: Hidden Wounds & Use of Clothing to Cover Wounds

7: Shuo vividly depicted the action of hiding wounds, along with several visible scars from cuts and burns. His aim to enhance parents’ visual perception, stimulating their empathy and feeling towards their children.

8: Shuo drew a fish out of water, which is slowly being dried out by the hot sun. Then, I tried to wrap the girl in the body of the fish, with the aim of enhancing the visual perception of this part of the sign, effectively representing the sign of self-harm of the girl who is trying to hide her wounds in spite of the fact that she is wearing a lot of clothes in the hot summer heat.

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