Shuting Zhou

I am a UX and Service Design postgraduate student with a passion for design from visual communication background. I am a service designer focused on improving the quality of life and well-being for users through sustainable service systems.

Master’s Major Project

Vibrant Community

Vibrant Community (VC) is a community service system that provides professional and multi-participant support for people with chronic conditions who want or need to develop healthier habits, helping them support each other in activities and build stronger relationships with healthy living.
VC allows users to participate in community-based activity groups with the encouragement and help of group members, and receive guidance and assistance from healthcare professionals, family and friends, community staff and volunteers in the process. Thus, they can find and adjust a healthy lifestyle that suits their pace of life and work, and in which they can enjoy themselves.
VC is an inclusive and supportive community service, like a warm group of friends on a long journey.

Introduction video:

VC’s ecosystem map

This diagram shows the overall mode of operation in the service. It includes physical and value flows between users, activity groups, communities, and third parties.

Our service will allow users to receive adequate activity, emotional, and medical support in activity groups. The community can establish long-term relationships and receive discounts on group purchases by negotiating with local businesses that provide materials and activities. Local businesses will be able to enhance their business image and be promoted at the activities.

VC’s support system

To enable users to get the active, emotional and medical support they need during their journey through the service, many stakeholders are involved in the service to help them in a variety of different ways.

Users have the flexibility to choose their role in the activity group according to their physical and mental state. Doctors, family and friends, volunteers, and the community provide support according to the user’s needs at each stage of the journey. The community acts as a bridge between the stakeholders and the user, providing incentives to the stakeholders. In this way, the community support system becomes a long-term mechanism.

VC’s service blueprint

The community will provide back stage support as users engage in the service process. The community will promote the activities through offline and social platforms to attract more people to participate in the activities. During the community activities, the personal information filled in by the users, especially the health information about their physical condition, will not be disclosed. The activity groups will use the information provided by the users and their personal preferences to make a more balanced distribution. The community works with local businesses and charitable organizations to obtain more affordable pricing and funding for activities to make the experience better.

VC’s storyboard

In the service process, users may first learn about community activities through their doctors or family friends. Users can get various kinds of support when they encounter frustration or difficulties. In the process of participating in the activities, users can build a solid and friendly relationship with the group members and learn from each other and adjust their own healthy lifestyles. By completing tasks and sharing with the community, users earn points and receive group and individual rewards. In the end, the user works with the group members to improve, get a new healthy lifestyle that suits him/her and can be maintained in the long term, and get pleasure and fulfillment from it.


  • Overall Winner-RunWell-The Ford Motor Company Fund Smart Mobility Challenge 2022


As a member of the RunWell competition team during postgraduate studies, I was mainly responsible for the design of the visual part of the project. And I am good at listening and coordinating between group members.

As an undergraduate, I led a college student innovation and entrepreneurship group that won a university-level project. I have extensive experience in communicating with tutors and various stakeholders in the community, investigating and solving problems. I have the ability to assign tasks according to group members’ strengths and keep track of their progress.

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