Final Project


FoodReborn not only addresses the pain points of food waste but also engages users in an appealing and impactful way, aligning with Ecogrow’s vision for a more sustainable future.


“Nobody buys food with the intention of throwing it in the bin”, this is a quote from a
user comment on the food waste documentary I watched, made me feel very
empathetic. So I began my research into food waste in UK households.

Through market research, it was found that the food waste industry has seen an increase in revenue in recent years, which is good for business development

User Research

Three key insights were obtained through a user study of UK household users, food banks, using semi-structured interviews, card sorting, observational methods, hypotheses, and prioritisation screening.

Based on my UX vision, and user pain points and needs, I concluded my persona

Initial design of product features through brainstorming, focus group, co-design, drawing wire-frame and body storming prototypes with users

The final ecosystem and service flow through two iterations of design. In essence, Ecogrow creates a symbiotic ecosystem where users’ efforts to reduce food waste are rewarded, creating a positive feedback loop that encourages sustainable behaviors. By incorporating AI, virtual gardens, and community engagement, Ecogrow transforms the process of waste reduction into an engaging and impactful journey towards a more sustainable future.

The subscription model aims to generate revenue while providing users with valuable tools, resources, and experiences that empower them to actively contribute to recycling food waste for composting in community gardens. By offering a range of premium benefits, the subscription model incentivizes users to deepen their engagement and commitment to the initiative.



  • Ford Fund Smart Mobility Challenge——Winner


Beijing Xiaomi Software Technology Co., LTD——User experience designer intern

Made interactive prototypes of Xiao Ai touch screen speakers, including low-fidelity and clickable, interactive prototypes. In the later stage, I contacted programmers to assist in product development and complete product testing and launch.

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