Final Project

Developing an onboarding system for a Personalised Fashion System  

This paper reveals an intricate patchwork that raises the onboarding experience from merely functioning to a domain where technology becomes a tool for supporting self-expression, from the interaction of graphical and conversational interfaces to developing better personalised recommendations for the users. 

Design Process

The study was structured in accordance with a Human-centred design (HCD) approach with a five-phase methodology (Interaction Design Foundation 2021). The discoveries of the Thematic Analysis provide light on the complex interaction between human expectations and technology, encouraging the development of easy ways to interact with the technology to create better recommendations which can be achieved through a seamless onboarding process.


The prototypes were tested using a controlled study and analysed using quantitative methods. The results show the chatbots account for decreased task load and enhanced usability which is crucial for constructing a successful onboarding process utilising smart technology.  


This research encourages UX practitioners to thoroughly explore interface design. Future design decisions can be influenced by the study’s perspectives, which directs designers towards technologically advanced, user-centric onboarding. 

Prototype Video

An interface that simulates the ‘Style Fix’ application was created during the development of Prototype A. Prototype B is a rule-based chatbot that was created on an online platform ‘Landbot’.

Other Work

The project research was a team effort, and Gen Game provided the brief for the Experience Design course at Loughborough University. The solution’s direction had been established as a team, and the interface and the app were designed individually. The key features of the solution include a wishlist and saving, tips for lowering energy, prediction of goals, rewards and coupons as well as schedules and task allocation for household chores.

The solution helps in seamlessly blending convenience and sustainability. It introduces an interactive load scale using AR technology, displays green load confidence, and offers enticing eco-friendly rewards. The application is based on Design for Behaviour Change theories and helps to promote sustainable washing practices.

Sainsbury’s EazyPick

The solution aims to improve the online shopping experience by addressing substitute challenges through an enhanced user application and improved tools for Sainsbury’s employees.

Centred on the United Nations’ objective of promoting beneficial and sustainable tourism, this solution entails an interactive, scenario-based game. It is designed to enlighten travellers about sustainable travel practices, the game vividly illustrates the potential effects of their choices on the environment, guiding them toward more informed and eco-conscious decisions.

My project Busy Boards was a high-profile client project in collaboration with Loyora Design Pvt Ltd. It was about designing experiences for children and developing products to enhance their motor skill development. The design was recently spotted at the Indian Toy Expo held in Delhi, India


  • Runner up in Home Appliances Design
    A’ Design Award and Competition 2021


Product Designer- Loyora Play Pvt Ltd
Jan 2022 – May 2022 (5 months)

Design Intern-Jigsaw Design Pvt Ltd
May 2021 – Jul 2021 (3 months)

Self Employed- Crafts and Creation (Instagram Business)
Sep 2016 – May 2021 (4 years 9 months)

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