I am a UX designer focusing on travelling, cultural tourism and young people's social life, but also dedicated to exploring better interactions in order to build better service platforms and make electronic devices more serviceable and emotional.

Final Project

User experience in practice in global tourism

TourBuddy is a revolutionary travel platform that bridges the gap between travelers and locals, creating seamless, personalized, and culturally rich travel experiences. Our platform empowers travelers to connect with knowledgeable locals who offer insights, co-create travel plans, and even provide tailored paid services. At the heart of TourBuddy is the idea of transforming tourists into temporary locals, allowing them to explore a destination with insider knowledge, all while supporting local economies.

Entering the user’s world

I put myself more in the shoes of the user, and bodystorming puts the focus squarely on the user’s perspective. By actually embodying the user’s experience, I can gain a deeper understanding of their pain points, needs and behaviours. This user-centred approach ensures that my design decisions are rooted in empathy and real-world insight.

Visiting stakeholders

I believe that communication is the cornerstone of successful UX design. Working with stakeholders, including clients, developers, and other designers, requires effective communication skills.
More often than not, I think the ability to facilitate discussion, express ideas clearly, and actively listen to feedback creates a collaborative and productive work environment.

Other Work

My vivacious personality may bring enthusiasm and energy to my projects. This enthusiasm is contagious and can inspire teams and stakeholders.
It also translates into creating engaging and exciting user experiences, which is especially valuable in travel and exploration environments.

My passion for travelling is a valuable asset, especially if my project is related to travel and tourism. This means I have first-hand experience as a traveller, which can help me empathise with users.
My personal travel experience can inform your design decisions as you gain insight into travellers’ pain points and needs.
It can also motivate me to create solutions to enhance the travel experience of others because I truly care about the subject matter.

My interest in exploration and ability to focus on discovering different perspectives are crucial to UX design. They encourage me to dig deeper, consider various perspectives, and think outside the box.
This approach can lead to innovative solutions that stand out in the industry. I’m not afraid to challenge convention and explore unconventional ideas.
I’m open to different perspectives, which I believe is essential to creating inclusive, accessible design that meets the needs of a wide range of users.


Undergraduate: Industrial Design
Postgraduate: User Experience and Service Design
Work experience: UI assistant for Fateu social platform

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