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I'm a postgraduate student specializing in industrial design, dedicated to bringing innovative and user-centric solutions to life in this dynamic field.

Final Project

Product design for underground railway air pollution

This product helps commuters and underground railway staff avoid air pollution particles and their nose discharge turn black in the underground railway.

The problem

There are high levels of polluted fine particles within the London Underground, mainly due to the brakes on the tube. Platforms are the areas with the highest levels of pollutants apart from the tunnels, especially when trains drive onto the platforms. This has made people’s nose discharge turn black, even caused or exacerbated respiratory problems and symptoms in people.

The product

2 ways of wearing

There are two ways of using the product.

The first one is hanging on neck and put on by hand whenever the user feels like it.

The second way is wearing by headband.

The 2 ways of using are not isolated.

2 shapes nose part

There are 2 shapes of nose parts to fit more people with diverse face and nasal shape.


The 2 bands can be with the product at the same time with the 4 holes on the back shell of the product.

Presentation video



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