Final Project


Aim for shoulder and lower back strain

Heroshot & Magnified View


The prototype was developed based on the previous one to save on material costs. After each user test, the prototype was reused for next version of the development, to save on materials cost and time.

User Test

When the process of the prototype went to a functioning stage, I was able to do simulation testing. I asked the participants to be the injury clients and showed them the process of using the product. Then we switched the characters, I asked them to play the first-aid provider and apply first-aid on me.

The whole process included putting the prototype onto the client’s body, fixing and adjusting the straps, asking the participants to perform some soft movements that would not continue to aggravate their presumed injury, removing the prototype by themselves, and trying not to use their presumed injured area.  

Other Work

A report about innovating the previous works based on the teamwork’s results, which is a single-hand controller for the astronauts.

A presentation of the astronaut controller, including rendering and inner structure.

Analysis of an existing smart switch and redesign based on literature review and principle of inclusivity design.


Aibei Space Technology Co Ltd.

Designer Assistant                                                           

  • Redesigned a toilet and an anti-Odour flap
  • Purchase R & D tools
  • Assisted exhibitors
  • Designed playbills, layers, brochures, etc.

Sugon Data Infrastructure Innovation Technology(Beijing) Co Ltd.

Intern of industrial designer                                                         

  • Redesigned an operating system interface on a control desk
  • Redesigned a ventilating board of a crate
  • Designed an advising brochure for the exhibition

Visionary Thinkers

Visionary Creators

Visionary Makers