Final Project

Portable ear-caring device

A medical device for prevention and curing ear infections. It has a compact looking and foldable structure. Functions such as drying, disinfection and medication of the ear canal are integrated into a single product.

Drinking device for MND patients

The MND patient is a unique group in the research of product design. Based on the requirement for patient dignity, a drinking device was developed. Tubes and valves are hidden, to make it look like a neck holder for sports or fashion instead of a machine that maintains their lives.

Conceptual design of sightseeing submarine

A new concept of sightseeing submarine, it has a streamline exterior look and interaction for passengers. The submarine would rotate 90 degrees clockwise and all the seats rotate synchronously, so that passengers have wider eyesight and better travel experience.

Plateau traveling oxygen can

For most tourists, altitude sickness is a tricky problem when they try to go to the plateau. This oxygen can is for the scenes above. It can mix the oxygen and the outside air before they are sent to the user’s nose and change the concentration of oxygen automatically to make the user adapt to the low oxygen level as soon as possible whilst feeling comfortable during this process.

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